50th Omni Arena Installed!

In January, we installed the 50th Omni Arena nationwide at Yakima Family Fun Center in Yakima, WA. We’d like to thank all our customers and partners for helping us reach this milestone!

We’re not stopping there. Our 2022 schedule is filling up fast. We’ve already lined up another 25 installs, underscoring the current health of our industry.

Other venues that recently installed Omni Arena include Launch Trampoline Park in Prattville, AL (the 4th system for Launch), Jake’s Unlimited in Phoenix, AZ, Super Bowl in Appleton, WI, and No Surrender Adventure Park in Clovis, CA.

Launch Trampoline Park, Prattville AL

Super Bowl, Appleton WI

No Surrender Adventure Park, Clovis CA

Stats to Impress

Omni Arena continues to boast impressive stats, underscoring its potential to drive repeat play and attract guests to your venue. Our latest figures:

  • Several 4-player teams have already played over 200 times! Each of these teams paid over $12,000 to the venue operator to play Omni Arena.
  • Over 250 players nationwide have played Omni Arena at least 10 times.
  • The Omni Arena system has collected over 200,000 email addresses. Some sites have built an Omni Arena email list with over 30,000 email addresses, a great tool for marketing and driving repeat visitation.
  • We’ve paid out over $250,000 in esports prize money to date at no cost to operators.

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The Virtuix Team