60th Omni Arena installed

In June, we installed the 60th Omni Arena nationwide at Xtreme Action Park, a family entertainment center in Fort Lauderdale, FL. We’d like to thank all our customers and partners for helping us reach this milestone!

At Xtreme, Omni Arena is off to an impressive start. In its first few weeks, the attraction has generated average revenues of $5,400 per week!

In a survey of Omni Arena players at Xtreme (filled out by over 170 players so far), the experience was rated 9.2/10, and 50% of players reported they came to the venue because of Omni Arena. These stats illustrate how Omni Arena can be your venue’s next anchor attraction, drawing guests who might not visit otherwise.

Omni Arena at Xtreme Action Park

“Omni Arena is the most exciting and interactive VR experience I’ve ever seen. Its experience is truly one of a kind, leaving each and every guest thrilled and wanting more.”

– Seth Behar, Director of Operations and Technology

To draw attention to Omni Arena, Xtreme installed a videowall near the entrance to the venue that displays the attraction’s gameplay to its guests.

Videowall for Omni Arena

Other venues that recently installed Omni Arena include Launch Trampoline Park in Norwood, MA (the 5th system for Launch), Adventure Zone in Duluth, MN, and Rev’d Up Fun in Woodhaven, MI.

We’re keeping up the pace! The remainder of our 2022 schedule is filling up fast. If you’d like to add Omni Arena to your venue, contact us today!

Looking For Product? We Can Deliver!

Nowadays, lead-times on arcade games and other products can run as long as a year. But we can deliver Omni Arena without delay. Thanks to raising $19 million in fresh capital last year, we’ve invested in inventory and avoided the part shortages that are plaguing our industry. As a result, our production hasn’t missed a beat!

If you’re looking to re-invest in your business this year but can’t get any games, consider an exciting attraction like Omni Arena that can draw a big new audience to your venue.

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