A New Omniverse Game, a Major Omniverse Update, Omni Life Testers

Hello Community!

New Omniverse Game: Vindicta

We are excited to announce our latest addition to the Omniverse game portfolio: Vindicta, created by the renowned VR studio Game Cooks. In this thrilling, single-player first-person shooter, the player overcomes bloodthirsty robots by picking up deadly weapons, taking cover, and shooting his way to the next level. Vindicta is available on Omniverse starting today.

Watch the game’s trailer below:

Major Omniverse Update

We released a major Omniverse update this week, with exciting new features and improvements:

  • Game tutorial videos that show the player how to play each game, including game controls and useful tips.
  • An improved training experience that operators can launch (or skip) when starting an Omniverse game. It teaches new players how to walk on the Omni in only a minute. This training experience will be available to non-Omniverse customers as well.
  • An improved player account creation and login process that uses the player’s email address and password. Accounts allow players of long-form games such as Karnage Chronicles and Quell 4D to take advantage of Omniverse’s save and load game functionality, which automatically saves and loads gameplay progress.
  • An online LMS (Learning Management System) for operator staff that provides a fifteen-minute training course on using Omni hardware and Omniverse software.
  • Updates to Affected, Hyperdrome, and Quell 4D that eliminate unnecessary menu screens and settings, making these games more suitable for location-based entertainment.

In 2018, we will continue to improve Omni hardware and add new features to our Omniverse content platform. Our company’s focus is to increase operator ROI by increasing the Omni’s utilization and throughput while decreasing the labor costs associated with operating the Omni system.

Omni Life Testers

People often ask us how we assure the quality and service life of the Omni. We take much pride in the quality of our product. Every important hardware module gets tested thoroughly via accelerated-life testers, machines that simulate human use of the device over 100,000 cycles or more. For example, our testers simulate the opening and closing of the door handle, the banging of the Omni harness inside the Omni ring, and the clipping and unclipping of the Tracking Pod into the Omni shoes. Our latest and most impressive tester is our “human walker,” a machine that mimics a human player walking on the Omni base! See a video below from our testing facility:

Operator News and Events

Every month we highlight interesting news from our commercial operators and noteworthy openings of new Omni sites.

The world’s top Omniverse site opened its doors last month: Playtime Crown in the Crown Entertainment Complex in Melbourne, Australia. Over the past four weeks alone, this location, which offers gameplay on five Omnis, recorded more than 30,000 Omniverse minutes. See a few pictures below:

YouTuber RagTagg got his hands on an Omni unit and is producing some excellent gameplay videos. RagTagg’s story is particularly inspiring: the famous YouTuber suffers from a leg disorder, and he uses the Omni as part of his rehabilitation routine. See below two videos of him playing the Omniverse games TRAVR: Shadow Ops and Primordian:

The Daily Dot published an in-depth feature on our company’s story. Check out the article here.

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Jan and the Virtuix Team