ATX VR Video and TRAVR Trailer

The first Omni units have been shipped from China, and we are delivering our first Pathfinder unit next week. In the meantime, Virtuix would like to share with you a video of our public demo setup at ATX VR a few weeks ago, and a new trailer of TRAVR: Training Ops with a commentary from our game developers. Enjoy!

ATX VR Video

Virtuix demonstrated the Omni publicly at ATX VR two weeks ago and received rave reviews from the audience who tried it out with our latest TRAVR demo experience. See a video recap of the event below:

The full speech of our CEO Jan Goetgeluk about the importance of locomotion and Active VR can be found here.

Launch Meetup

Our launch get together at our headquarters in Austin was sold out a few days ago; however, we just increased our capacity by an additional ten spots. First come, first served at the link below:


We hope to see you then!

TRAVR: Training Ops Trailer and Game Design

The Omni will ship with three included Omni demo experiences to provide you with fun and addictive Active VR gameplay out-of-the-box: TRAVR – Shadow Ops, TRAVR – Training Ops, and… one new demo game that we will unveil soon!

TRAVR: Training Ops comes with 10 levels of 5 rounds each in which the player tries to set the highest score based on his completion time and shooting accuracy. Universal, online leaderboards keep track of all-time high scores across all Omni users! See a new trailer of the level “Code Red” below, played with an Oculus Rift DK2:

For those of you interested in VR game design, we’d like to introduce you to three of our content team members at Virtuix who have been working on the various TRAVR: Training Ops levels. Check out their forum posts below, in which they share their design experiences and more details about the Training Ops demo game.


Hey everyone! I’m Pramod, Level Designer at Virtuix. Moving from India to study Game Design at The Guildhall at SMU was a big leap into the world of designing games. Accepting an internship at Virtuix immediately after graduation, moving to Austin and then joining as a permanent employee here has been downright amazing. Ever since I got the opportunity to use the Oculus DK2 and the HTC Vive with the Omni, I’ve wanted to explore fun aspects of gameplay and visuals uniquely experienced in this medium. Continue reading here…


Hello! My name is Derek, a level designer here at Virtuix. I’ve been playing games all my life, but it wasn’t until I started college that I knew that I wanted to go a step further and start making games as a career. I studied architecture at Texas Tech University where I got a taste for design. More recently I graduated from the Guildhall at SMU where I received my Master’s Degree and specialized in Level Design. My experience in architecture helps me to understand the flow of people through a space. My experience at the Guildhall taught me how to engage players in exciting gameplay experiences. Continue reading here…


My name is Cameron, and I am a Game Designer at Virtuix. I have been working at Virtuix since August 2014, and it has been a blast getting to see how much the VR industry has developed during the past year. I joined Virtuix immediately after graduating from Texas A&M University with a BS in Visualization. Growing up, I always had a passion for video games, but it took me a while to realize that I could make a career out of what I was passionate about. Continue reading here…

Community, stay tuned for another update next week. As always please join us on our Forums if you’d like to discuss this update or anything VR related: http://forum.virtuix.com

Best regards,

Jan and the Virtuix Team