Bluetooth and Gold Rush

Virtuix is currently at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco to demonstrate our latest updates. Our SDK and API are taking shape, and our demo game TRAVR is ready to play! The Omni is more than just a VR device – our new demo game Gold Rush illustrates how the Omni can be a fun controller for non-VR games, such as third-person games playable on the big screen. We are also adding Bluetooth to the Omni and have an updated production schedule. This month’s update is a big one!


2Good news for all our customers – every Omni that we ship will be equipped with Bluetooth! We believe that Mobile VR, or VR through use of your mobile device, will be an important part of virtual reality in the next few years. The vrAse Kickstarter project illustrates the concept, and smart phones are becoming “smarter” at a rapid pace. To avoid the need to upgrade your Omni in the near future to be compatible with Mobile VR, we are ensuring compatibility right now. Through Bluetooth, the Omni will be a controller for games or applications on your mobile device, which eliminates the need for a separate head-mounted display and a PC or console.


The Bluetooth connection can also be used to connect the Omni to your PC wirelessly, which is helpful for Omni applications on the big screen (like Gold Rush, see below). The fewer wires, the better!

Production Schedule

The decision to add Bluetooth to our current design was made to ensure that our customers do not need to upgrade to a new Omni in just a few years. We want to make sure that you receive the latest and greatest Omni design that will stand the test of time. A result of this decision, however, is that our delivery schedule is slightly pushed back. We now plan to ship the first units in July of this year. We apologize for this delay, as we strive to deliver a top quality product to our customers that exceeds all expectations. We are working hard every day to provide you with the best possible Omni experience. Thank you for your continuing patience and support!

Omni SDK

Our Software Development Kit (SDK) and Application Programming Interface (API) are taking shape. Omni applications enable players to walk around and explore in ways never seen before:

  • “Full VR” immersion through physical walking, running, and jumping inside a game or application
  • De-coupled looking / walking direction: the ability to walk in one direction while looking around independently in any other direction gives the player the added immersive experience of looking around for danger, clues, and observing the surroundings
  • Analog walking and running speed matches the player’s physical movement speed
  • Coordinate tracking of both feet accurately renders the player’s feet position in-game

The Omni SDK is developed for leading game engines such as Unity and UDK. An alpha version will be made available soon. We also expanded our website to welcome developers and provide technical details and early access to our SDK:

  • Our Resource Center will maintain detailed information regarding the Omni SDK / API, our demo games, and helpful links to additional developer resources.
  • The Omni Gallery highlights exciting games and applications that take advantage of the Omni’s revolutionary in-game movement functions. Would you like to have your game featured in the Gallery?  Contact Developer Relations at developers@virtuix.com.
  • Be sure to join our developer forums and participate in the conversations we are having with other developers. Note: we are updating our forum software and will launch a brand new version later this week!

To request early access to our SDK and for any other developer-related questions, please contact us at developers@virtuix.com.

TRAVR Trailer


Enter the world of TRAVR, a VR agent that is part of the shadow ops TRAVR agency in charge of solving strange, mysterious occurrences in the not too distant future. In TRAVR: Shadow Ops, you and your teammate Craddock are transported to a Blacksite named “FireLight” in Florence, Italy to investigate a Level 5 distress signal. A team of scientists has been attempting to weaponize a holy artifact linked to demonic possession. The location is compromised and all attempts to contain the threat have failed…

Our demo game TRAVR: Shadow Ops has become a world-class first-person shooter featuring intense horror elements. The demo delivers 25 minutes of action-packed gameplay providing full immersion to the player. Come play TRAVR in our booth at GDC or check out our one-pager and teaser below:

Gold Rush – No HMD needed!


The Omni isn’t just for VR! Our demo game Gold Rush is a third-person game that illustrates how the Omni can be used to play fun non-VR games in front of the big screen while burning a few calories. No head-mounted display required! Join Archer and collect as many gold coins as you can while running to the finish line. The main character corresponds to your physical running direction on the Omni, and his walking and running speed in the game matches your physical movement speed.

Come play Gold Rush in our booth at GDC, or check out our in-game footage below:

GDC 2014

We’re in booth #305 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco this week. For the first time, anyone can queue up to play TRAVR and Gold Rush on the Omni.  We hope to see you there!


For immediate updates and discussion, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Our Facebook page exceeded 12,000 likes this past week!

Thank you all for your continuing support. We are moving forward as fast as we can, and we will continue to work relentlessly until each and every one of you has received a top quality Omni and can enjoy an incredible Full VR experience.

Best regards,

Jan and the Virtuix team



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