Case study: How to launch VR with a big bang

In this case study, we analyze how The Epicenter in Puyallup, a small town just south of Seattle, WA, used clever digital marketing tactics to launch their small venue with a big bang in March 2021.

The Epicenter’s size is only 4,500 square feet, and the venue has just 2,000-3,000 visitors a month. Despite its small size, The Epicenter packs a big punch. As part of their launch plan, owners Kari Hanes and Josh Mortensen purchased Omni Arena as an anchor attraction to drive momentum.

Thanks to a “grand opening” esports contest and smart marketing, this small venue has been incredibly successful since its launch. Omni Arena attracts 800-1,000 players a month, generating monthly revenues of $10,000-$12,000. Although this revenue range is lower than Omni Arena’s nationwide average of $15,000/month, it’s an impressive result for a 4,500 sq. ft venue.

Watch highlights of our interview with The Epicenter’s owners below:

Launch Marketing with Esports

To launch The Epicenter with a big bang, Kari and Josh took advantage of Omni Arena’s launch contest package that includes a local esports contest with $2,000 in cash prizes sponsored by Virtuix, exclusively for guests of The Epicenter. Virtuix also ran $1,000 of social media ads to drive guests to The Epicenter and create strong initial momentum.

Watch below to hear Kari and Josh recount how some of the participating teams showed up every day to play, and how they continue to return long after the contest ended. The winning team has already visited The Epicenter over a dozen times!

“They’re back here frequently, and they keep bringing people and telling people.”

Repeat Play Drives Revenues

Repeat play and repeat attendance are strong drivers of Omni Arena’s revenues and The Epicenter’s overall success. Of all Omni Arena plays at The Epicenter, 30% are repeat plays. Watch Josh explain how customers want to play again and again:

Hear Kari talk about the impressive number of people coming back to play again, and how Omni Arena brings families together:

“We have been so impressed with how many people have come back to play. Guest have brought family back to play, have brought friends to play. They play again and again. It’s amazing what Omni Arena is and what it does. Omni Arena brings families together; we’ve witnessed it over and over again.”

Digital Marketing and Google Listing

Kari and Josh actively encourage their guests to post images and stories on social media, and guests happily show their support and enthusiasm. Kari and Josh also added images of Omni Arena to the venue’s Google listing, driving additional excitement and traffic. Watch Kari talk about their digital marketing tactics:

Purchasing Omni Arena a “No Brainer”

According to Kari, purchasing Omni Arena was a “no brainer.” Watch her and Josh describe how bringing Omni Arena to their venue was “just the best thing that we have done”:

“Bringing the Omni Arena here was just the best thing that we have done.”

There’s Nothing Like Omni Arena

Josh and Kari selected Omni Arena over other VR attractions because there’s nothing like it, and the experience can’t be duplicated at home. Hear Kari talk about how she got hooked after playing Omni Arena for the first time:

“If I could, I would play this every day!”

Considering Omni Arena? Don’t Hesitate!

When we asked Kari whether she would recommend Omni Arena to other operators, she said: “Absolutely, without a doubt. Don’t hesitate!”

“The support that we get from Virtuix is phenomenal!”

Omni Arena is an anchor attraction that can transform your venue and attract a new audience that may not be visiting today!

Watch the complete interview with The Epicenter’s Kari and Josh here:

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