CES Video, Pathfinder Update, Omni Arena

CES 2016 Recap Video

Virtuix made the following fun video of our presence at CES with testimonials of Tim Draper, Curtis Young (son of Dr. Dre), and others – enjoy!

Pathfinder Program Update

Virtuix continues to ship out our Pathfinder units at a steady pace. So far, no major hardware issues have been detected, which gives us confidence that we can ramp up our production after our Pathfinder program has been successfully completed. See a few videos below that were posted by two of our early Pathfinders. We’ll be sure to keep you closely updated on the results and findings of the program.

Omni Arena

The attendees at CES played our latest Virtuix Omni demo experience called “Omni Arena”, which is an arena-style first-person shooter made specifically for VR and the Omni. Check out the video below of the Defend-The-Core level played with the latest HTC Vive HMD and Lighthouse controller:

While the video above shows single-player gameplay, Omni Arena is designed for a multiplayer Active VR experience. Adding multiplayer to the Omni gameplay truly creates an exciting and even addictive way of experiencing Active VR. We will release multiplayer gameplay videos of Omni Arena and its various game modes in the next few weeks. Omni Arena will be available for free to all our Omni backers and customers when ready.

Virtuix China Team

Happy belated Chinese New Year to our 12-person Virtuix China team, who successfully prepared and shipped out our Pathfinder Omnis before their annual break. Our Virtuix office located in Zhuhai in South China is one of the strongholds of our company, as our supply chain team keeps a close watch on the timing and quality of our production. Tom and co are eager to ramp up our production and ship out your Omni as soon as the Pathfinder program is completed!

Stay tuned for more updates soon. Thank you for your continued patience and support, and as always please join us on our Forums if you’d like to discuss this update or anything VR related:


Best regards,

Jan and the Virtuix Team



  1. Dan 8 years ago Reply

    Thanks for the update. Is there an estimate on what daily production will be? This is being used along with a CV1 when it shows in May at our K12 school here in Northern MN. It would be nice to be able to have a round about estimate as to when it will show based on a order position number and daily production estimates.

    • admin 8 years ago Reply

      Hi Dan,

      We don’t have a production schedule just yet, but this is something we plan on relaying to our customers as soon as it is available. We will also include a shipping schedule.

  2. Vitaliy 8 years ago Reply

    Hello, may I ask about the possibility to buy your Pathfinder Omnis? How is that possible? What is the price? And when can I get it?

    • admin 8 years ago Reply

      Hello Vitaliy,

      Our Pathfinder units aren’t available for sale. They were sent to select Kickstarter backers that offered to give feedback on our early production units. Things are going well and we’ll have more updates soon!

  3. Oleg 8 years ago Reply

    Dear Sirs.
    My name is Oleg Kozhan. I live in Kazakhstan in Almaty. I wrote to you several times. I really want to buy you a platform Omni. Please tell me whether it is possible to buy from you Omni platform, glasses Oculus Rift and a rifle for the game?

  4. Anna 8 years ago Reply

    Hi, this is Anna, I am from Malaysia. it’s almost 1 year since i placed the pre order for Virtuix OMNI. May i know roughly when can i receive the product?

    • admin 8 years ago Reply

      Hi Anna,

      Our shipping schedule is yet to be determined and is dependent upon the results of our Pathfinder program. We’ll relay shipping information as soon as its available.