Demo night at SWSX in Austin

Virtuix was fortunate to meet up with Palmer Luckey (founder of Oculus VR) and his co-panelists at SXSW in Austin this March. Palmer, Chris Roberts (creator of Wing Commander and head of his new studio, Cloud Imperium), Paul Bettner (creator of Words With Friends), Jason Spangler (CTO of Cloud Imperium), Mikkel Jensen (Concept Design Manager at Lego), and Brant Lewis (Software Developer at Oculus VR) hopped in our van and joined us for a night of playing with the Omni, a lot of fun and laughter, and geeking out about VR. The endorsements were unanimous, with reactions ranging from “this is awesome” to “yes, that works!”.

The best part: the entire night was filmed for our Kickstarter video!  Stay tuned for the footage.