Final Stretch

After months of engineering, designing and fine-tuning, Virtuix is now in the final stretch towards making the Omni a reality. We remain on target to ramp up production and deliveries in Q1 of 2015. The final Omni design is elegant yet badass and is meant to exceed your expectations. In the next few months, we will be revealing the final components of the Omni experience, including the updated belt and rack, new technological capabilities, fresh demo games, additional accessories, and more. However, the final platform will be kept under wraps until our big reveal at CES 2015, where we intend to make an impressive splash!

Gear VR and Crescent Bay

Some exciting VR developments this past month included Samsung officially revealing its Gear VR product, and Oculus showing off its new Crescent Bay prototype. We have been working with Samsung for a while to ensure that the Omni is fully compatible with the Gear (via our Bluetooth connection), and our game developers have been working on a few Gear VR demo games to be played with the Omni.

gear vr

Even more exciting is that Oculus’ new Crescent Bay prototype supports positional head tracking in 360 degrees, making Rift games compatible with our “Full VR” 360-degree Omni experience.

crescent bay


Community, thank you for your continuing support. We are getting closer every day and can’t wait to show you our final Omni platform, accessories, and demo games. The overwhelmingly positive reviews of the Gear VR and Crescent Bay indicate that VR is set to become an incredible mass-market medium to be used by millions every day. The importance of standing and walking in VR is only becoming more evident, and the Omni’s Full VR experience will truly take virtual reality to the next level.

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Best regards,

Jan and the Virtuix team