Amsterdam By Night

screen_2014-05-23_12-34-46 screen_2014-05-23_12-34-39 screen_2014-05-23_12-33-32 screen_2014-05-23_12-33-24 screen_2014-05-23_12-33-09 Amsterdam-By-Night
Take a virtual stroll through Amsterdam. Enjoy the scenery while using the Omni to walk around the city with de-coupled movement and looking directions. Virtual Tourism is a great example of non-gaming applications of the Omni and VR in general.

Developer: Virtuix Interactive
Game Engine: Unity
Release Date: June 2014


  • Fun first-person virtual tourism experience
  • Immersion and physical engagement through Omni integration
  • Analog walking and running speed matching the player’s physical movement speed
  • De-coupled walking and looking directions
  • Virtual tourism photography – share your pictures when you’re finished!