TRAVR: Paradise Lost

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TRAVR is transported to Khumai, a tropical island in Sector 17 to investigate the attack on a group of campers by an unknown species. The enchanting paradise soon turns into a bloody hell.

Developer: Virtuix Interactive
Game Engine: UDK
Release Date: TBD


  • Exploratory game with beautiful scenery to wander through
  • Immersive elements of an action-packed first person shooter
  • Compatibility with Oculus Rift and other future head mounted displays
  • Added benefit of physical engagement through Omni integration

  • Innovative Gameplay Through Omni Integration For “Full VR” Experience

    • Full immersion through physical walking, running, and jumping inside a virtual reality game
    • Ability to walk in one direction while looking around independently in any other direction – gives the player the added experience of looking around for danger, clues, and observing the surroundings
    • Analog walking and running speed matching the player’s physical movement speed