TRAVR – Shadows Ops

TRAVR_UndergroundTunnel_v21 TRAVR_IndustrialWarehouse_v2 Screenshot_VRRoom05 Screenshot_Underground03 Screenshot_Underground01-1 Screenshot_Industrial05

Enter the world of TRAVR, a VR agent that is part of the shadow ops TRAVR agency in charge of solving strange, mysterious occurrences in the not too distant future. In TRAVR: Shadow Ops, you and your teammate Craddock are transported to a Blacksite designated “FireLight” in Florence, Italy to investigate a Level 5 distress signal. A team of scientists has been attempting to weaponize a holy artifact linked to demonic possession. The location is compromised and all attempts to contain the threat have failed…

Developer: Virtuix Interactive
Game Engine: Unity
Release Date: March 2014


  • Intense elements of an action packed first person shooter
  • Dark horror built upon deeply rooted fear instincts
  • Fully immersive virtual reality game
  • Compatibility with Oculus Rift and other future head mounted displays
  • Added benefit of physical engagement through Omni integration
  • Short, 25 minutes of gameplay delivering full immersion to the player

Innovative Gameplay Through Omni Integration For “Full VR” Experience

  • Full immersion through physical walking, running, and jumping inside a virtual reality game
  • Ability to walk in one direction while looking around independently in any other direction – gives the player the added experience of looking around for danger, clues, and observing the surroundings
  • Analog walking and running speed matching the player’s physical movement speed