Going viral: how this FEC got 20 million views

Going Viral with 20 Million Views

Are you using TikTok as part of your marketing strategy? In September, Cinergy in Odessa, TX, experienced going viral. A TikTok video of a guest playing Omni Arena got over 15 million views on TikTok, followed by 5 million more views on online media outlets like LADBible and 9GAG. The video garnered over 3 million likes.

A comment mentioning Cinergy Odessa as the attraction’s location got over 120,000 likes, prompting a dramatic increase in visitors to the venue. In the weeks following the video, Omni Arena plays at Cinergy Odessa were up over 50%.

“We’re thrilled that our Odessa location got this level of attention. We’ve seen a jump in Omni Arena plays and guest traffic in these last few weeks.”
– Todd Maunsell, Vice President, Cinergy Entertainment

This phenomenon illustrates how TikTok, in combination with a unique VR attraction like Omni Arena, can boost your online marketing, guest traffic, and revenues. A successful TikTok video has two main characteristics:

  1. 1. Shows a unique and novel experience in a genuine, non-staged way (in this case, physically running around in VR)
  2. 2. Adds authentic, often humorous commentary

In January, another TikTok video of Omni Arena, shot at Scary Strokes in Waldorf, MD, got over 2 million views. This video more than doubled Scary Strokes’ venue-wide revenues for several weeks (see that video and read its case study here).

Boost Traffic with Omni Arena’s Launch Contest Package

To maximize Omni Arena’s impact on our customers’ digital marketing efforts, we offer a launch contest package that includes a “grand opening” esports contest with $2,000 in cash prizes sponsored by Virtuix and $1,000 of social media ads to drive guests to your venue.

The Epicenter, a 4,500 square foot entertainment center in Puyallup, WA, took advantage of Omni Arena’s launch contest package. Long after the esports contest ended, guests who joined the contest continued to visit again and again. Omni Arena’s repeat play rate at the venue is over 30%. Read their case study here.

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