How selling tickets online can drive more traffic to your venue

Brad Mark, co-owner and COO of Pole Position Raceway

Pole Position Raceway, a 60,000 square foot go-karting venue in Las Vegas, installed Omni Arena in July 2020, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Brad Mark, co-owner and COO, used Omni Arena to boost revenues and recover quickly from the downturn. This case study explains Brad’s method of pairing Omni Arena with online ticket sites to attract guests back to his venue and increase their average spend.

Using online ticket sites to attract guests

Brad uses several online ticketing sites to market Omni Arena, including Tickets.com, Viator, Expedia, and Vegas.com. Instead of listing his venue on these sites, Brad promotes Omni Arena as a standalone experience. He even produced the following video titled “Look at Omni Arena”:

Guests coming to Pole Position for the Omni Arena experience usually stay longer and add go-karting races. After Brad listed Omni Arena on Vegas.com, revenues increased by 53%.

Watch Brad explain how he uses ticket sites and Groupon to attract more guests and drive up his revenues:

“That’s the beauty of Omni Arena – I sell it as a standalone product, and it drives the business for us.”

Increased customer spend

Before installing Omni Arena, Brad tried various ways of increasing per-customer spend, but with little success. Omni Arena did the trick. Guests visiting specifically to play Omni Arena almost always add a race. Conversely, guests coming to race also play Omni Arena. Average spend per customer increased by 11%.

Watch Brad describe how, thanks to Omni Arena, he finally achieved his goal of increasing average spend:

“The greatest thing about Omni Arena is that it’s changed our per-cap number dramatically!”

Thriving after the pandemic

Realizing he needed to inject new excitement to reboot his business, Brad ordered Omni Arena during the worst of the pandemic-induced downturn. His bet paid off: Pole Position didn’t just survive the pandemic, they’re thriving!

Watch Brad explain why he bought Omni Arena while everyone else cut spending, and how Omni Arena has helped his business recover:

“Adding Omni Arena created so much momentum… it’s just been a godsend!”

Smiling customers

Omni Arena attracted many repeat customers to Pole Position who otherwise wouldn’t visit a racing venue. These guests come specifically to play Omni Arena. Some even rent out the entire Omni Arena attraction for $600/hour.

Watch Brad attest to how much his guests love Omni Arena and play game after game:

“Our guests LOVE it. It’s just so cool and so different from anything they’ve experienced. It blows their minds. Every single customer walks out with a giant smile on their face.”

Selecting a VR attraction

Brad surveyed many VR attractions before settling on Omni Arena. He chose Omni Arena for two main reasons:

  1. He liked the Virtuix team
  2. He wanted a turnkey VR attraction with strong curb appeal

“What I liked most, besides the people at Virtuix, is that Omni Arena is a finished, complete product.”

Watch Brad explain why he chose Omni Arena over other VR attractions, and whether he would recommend Omni Arena to other operators:

“I have recommended Omni Arena and will continue to do so. It’s such a great, fun product, and it will add to your business.”

Omni Arena is an anchor attraction that can transform your venue and attract a new audience that may not be visiting today!

Watch the complete interview with Pole Position’s Brad Mark here:

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