How to increase your revenues with TikTok and VR esports

Doug and LaNeta Roth, owners of Scary Strokes

Like all suppliers of attractions, we typically highlight the revenue performance of our biggest customers. But we’re often asked, what about our smaller customers? This case study sheds light on how Omni Arena performs at a smaller venue.

Doubled Foot Traffic and Revenues

Scary Strokes is an 11,000 square foot entertainment center in Waldorf, MD, a small community of 75,000 located south of Washington, D.C. A mini-golf course under blacklights served as the venue’s first anchor attraction. In 2019, Scary Strokes added Omni Arena as a second anchor attraction, charging $15 per play.

Before offering Omni Arena, Scary Strokes attracted 1,000-2,000 guests a month. The venue now draws 2,500-3,000 guests a month. That’s an increase of roughly 100%, with many guests coming specifically to play Omni Arena.


Many VR attractions suffer from an all-too-common problem: declining revenues over time. Scary Strokes experienced the opposite result: Omni Arena revenues continued to grow over time. The attraction now generates nearly $15,000 a month.

Watch Doug, owner of Scary Strokes, explain how Omni Arena propelled his venue’s growth over the past two years. Omni Arena players travel from far and wide, even from neighboring states:

“A lot of people come to our venue just for Omni Arena… Our revenues have more than doubled!”

Omni Arena Drives Repeat Visits

A major contributor to the success of Omni Arena and the growth of Scary Strokes is repeat traffic. Watch Doug describe several groups who visit weekly to play Omni Arena:

“There’s one family who comes every Saturday. That’s what they do on Saturdays: they come and play Omni Arena, every single Saturday.”

TikTok Effect

The contagious excitement of Omni Arena leads to explosive social media exposure. Another boost to Scary Strokes’ revenue came in January, when a guest playing Omni Arena uploaded a viral TikTok video that garnered more than a million views and 60,000 likes.

Watch Doug relate how a viral video of Omni Arena dramatically increased his foot traffic and revenues:

“The TikTok video really propelled it… The girl on the TikTok video has been back here 4-5 times with friends to play the Omni Arena.”

Selecting a VR Attraction

Omni Arena was a major investment for Scary Strokes. Before proceeding, Doug and his partner, LaNeta, surveyed all available VR attractions and carefully considered which one was right for their venue. They chose Omni Arena for three main reasons:

  1. Physical movement:
    “With Omni Arena, you’re not just standing in place but physically moving. It’s unique.”
  2. Customer support:
    “We get 24/7 support, whenever we need it, and the support techs are phenomenal.”
  3. Esports:
    “We love the prizes and awards, and it’s all hands-off for us.”

“When my wife and I came to Austin to try out Omni Arena, it became a no-brainer… we knew right away we needed to get this for Scary Strokes.”

Watch Doug explain why he chose Omni Arena over other VR systems, and whether he would recommend Omni Arena to other operators:

“Omni Arena is an anchor attraction for us, and it’s helped us out a lot… I would highly recommend it to any operators looking for a VR attraction.”

Omni Arena is an anchor attraction that has the potential to transform your venue and attract a new audience that may not be visiting today!

Watch the complete interview with Doug Roth here:

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