Introducing “Gunslinger” for Omni Arena

We’re excited to unveil “Gunslinger,” the 7th game for Omni Arena!

In Gunslinger, teams of up to four players work together to protect a Western town from a gang of plundering bandits. Get ready to fire double-barreled shotguns, kill outlaws, and blow up some dynamite!

Gunslinger offers two rounds each time and provides varied gameplay that gives players lots of reasons to play again and again. Watch the trailer below:

Walking and running around in a picturesque Western town is another incredible VR experience that’s only possible with Omni Arena’s 360-degree treadmills. See a gameplay video below:

Gunslinger will be added to Omni Arena’s weekly and monthly esports tournaments. The top teams on Gunslinger’s global leaderboard will win cash prizes from a $100,000 annual prize pool sponsored by Virtuix.

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