Latest FEC revenues: back to $15K/month!

We’re pleased to report the latest Omni Arena revenue data, which shows that our industry is resurging nationwide! Many of our sites reported record-breaking results over spring break.

Our top three Omni Arena sites earned more than $10,000 in a single week. Eight sites (nearly 25% of sites) were on track to exceed $20,000 in a single month.

Omni Arena revenues at FECs averaged $15,315 in March, up 9% from the monthly pre-pandemic average of $14,050.

Omni Arena Revenues

Breaking down the results by venue type, go-karting venues and multi-themed FECs have recovered the fastest. Trampoline parks and movie theaters are also enjoying an upswing, though recovering more slowly.

Omni Arena Game Sessions

Esports Continues to Drive Repeat Play

Omni Arena’s built-in weekly and monthly esports contests, offering $100,000 in cash prizes sponsored by Virtuix, help to drive repeat play and increase revenues. Our operators leverage these contests in their promotional and marketing efforts, attracting new guests to their venues and encouraging past customers to return more often.

Since the contests began, the top 20 contestants have played on average 77 times, each time paying $12 to $15 per game. They visit their local venues 2 to 3 times a month, averaging 8 games a month.

To date, the top esports team has played Omni Arena 150 times!

More than 500 players have won cash prizes from Omni Arena contests. These contests are a great way to attract guests and entice them to play again and again.

Omni Arena Contest Winners holding check

Latest Install: Tonkawa Hotel & Casino

Last week, we installed the 36th Omni Arena at Tonkawa Hotel & Casino, the first casino resort to offer Omni Arena. We are thrilled to work with the talented Tonkawa team, and we anticipate that Omni Arena’s weekly and monthly esports contests will attract a new audience to their casino.

Omni Arena at Tonkawa Hotel

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Omni Arena at IAAPA