Latest Reopening Data and Trends

Results after reopening by venue type

Currently, 21 of 29 Omni Arena locations are open for business. Since our previous update in June, data captured by these Omni Arena systems continues to demonstrate the industry’s improving health. We’re pleased to report that revenues to Omni Arena operators nationwide have recovered to 85% of pre-pandemic levels.

Breaking down the results by venue type, go-karting venues have recovered the fastest. After lockdowns were lifted, Omni Arena gameplay sessions at go-karting venues swiftly bounced back, returning to pre-pandemic levels or even higher. We attribute this strong recovery to two main factors: (1) go-karting is perceived as COVID-safe (socially distanced and often outdoors); and (2) go-karting tends to attract an older demographic whose activities are unrestricted by parents.

Revenues at bowling alleys have also recovered strongly. General FECs and trampoline parks are rebounding more slowly. Movie theatres are recovering the slowest.

Average Omni Arena revenues have recovered to $12,050 monthly, about 85% of the pre-pandemic average of $14,050.

At the top 15% of sites, Omni Arena generated revenues of more than $20,000 in August.

Omni Arena attractions remain closed in Puerto Rico and in the states of Washington, California, and Rhode Island.

Latest Install: Cinergy Odessa

Last week, we installed the 29th Omni Arena at Cinergy in Odessa, TX. We are thrilled to work with the talented Cinergy team and anticipate that Omni Arena’s weekly and monthly esports contests will attract guests to the venue. Players at Omni Arena locations nationwide can compete for a share of the $100,000 annual prize pool sponsored by Virtuix and HP.

Sanitizing Wipes

Sanitizing your venue’s equipment between guests is essential for maintaining a safe environment. We offer FDA-approved, 75% alcohol wipes that are antibacterial and antiviral. Order wipes in 50-wipe packs or cartons of 26 packs at the following link:


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