Launch of Red October, new Omni game assets and accessories, and events from the Omni world.

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New Omniverse Game: Red October

We released a thrilling new Omniverse game this month: Red October. Red October is a multiplayer game for up to six players in the style of “Call of Duty” and other military shooters. The game features eight different weapons and two character classes. Players compete for the most kills against friends or AI-controlled bots in a challenging deathmatch. See a trailer video and a few screenshots below:

With the release of Red October, our Omniverse content platform now boasts 18 top VR games for players to choose from. We currently have 7 more games in development, including several multiplayer games.

Upcoming Updates to VRZ and Primordian

We plan to release updates this month to both VRZ and Primordian. The update to VRZ fixes the problem of players at local arcades getting paired with random players from around the world in multiplayer matches. The update to Primordian includes new levels and brings back the functionality of changing weapons with the controller’s grip button.

Physical Game Assets and New Accessories

Several operators have asked us for physical game assets and props to promote the Omni and its games at their venues. We now offer two such marketing assets for sale on our website, an eye-catching retractable banner and a life-size standee:

This month we also released several new Omni accessories for sale, including the Omni Kids Kit, the XS Harness Insert, and VR Blinders. These products are available to U.S. customers on our website at www.virtuix.com/products. International customers can obtain these accessories from their local distributor.

Operator News and Events

Every month we highlight interesting news from our commercial operators and noteworthy openings of new Omni sites.

The two-Omni setup at YaYa’s Island in Paducah, Kentucky, was featured on the “Hooked on Science” segment of the local NBC news channel. Watch the segment here. One customer comments: “My daughter loves that game! I love watching her play, she’s pretty good at it!”

The G-VR VR arcade in Vienna, Austria, opened its doors, offering gameplay on two Omnis. See a few pictures below of this beautifully-designed location:

Estonia’s first VR arcade, VRX Motion in Tallinn, offers four Omnis for multiplayer VR gameplay:

The PING business and technology center in Turin, Italy, installed two Omnis. A third Omni will be used for external events and for R&D.

The Imersja VR salon in Katowice, Poland, also opened its doors. This location features one Omni in addition to several HTC Vive room-scale setups.

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