Lisa Chapman And Marisa Garris Join Virtuix

Industry Veterans Lisa Chapman and Marisa Garris Join Virtuix

We are thrilled to announce that industry veterans Lisa Chapman and Marisa Garris have joined Virtuix’s growing sales team. Together, Lisa and Marisa bring to Virtuix more than 30 years of experience in the amusement industry. They join us from Embed, where Marisa served as sales manager and Lisa as sales executive. Lisa and Marisa will work alongside sales manager Sergio Garcia, who joined Virtuix from Exit Reality earlier this year.

Virtuix Sales Team

“Selling a virtual reality attraction wasn’t on my radar,” says Marisa. “But when I tried Omni Arena in Austin, I was taken by surprise. It was such a different experience, and I realized this is the future for our industry. The attraction is a turnkey solution from start to finish and gives guests a reason to return.”

Virtuix Sales Team

Lisa tells a similar story. “Before I flew to Austin to meet with the Virtuix team, I wasn’t even thinking about VR. But when I played Omni Arena, I found myself laughing like a little schoolgirl. It’s an incredible product, and Jan and his team demonstrated a willingness to listen, learn, and respond to customer needs.”

With their wealth of knowledge and expertise in the amusement industry, Lisa and Marisa can help you navigate the cluttered landscape of dozens of VR attractions, sort out fact from fiction, and give you practical advice on how VR and esports can increase your revenues. Contact Lisa or Marisa today to catch up or to learn more about how VR and esports can help you grow in 2020!

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Omni Arena’s Success Continues

We recently installed Omni Arena at Dave & Buster’s in Austin, Sky Zone in Atlanta, and FACE Amusement Group’s Rockin’ Raceway in Pigeon Forge.

Dave and Buster's Omni Arena

Sky Zone Omni Arena

Rockin' Raceway Omni Arena

Omni Arena Dad and Son

Omni Arena’s revenues at FEC sites average $20K per month. The rate of repeat play is 30%, among the highest in the industry, thanks in part to ongoing esports contests with a $50,000 annual prize pool. Our first installation at Pinballz in Austin TX delivered revenues of $100K in the first four months, indicating an ROI of only five months. All venues operate Omni Arena with only one attendant, even during peak hours.

Darren Spohn, owner of Pinballz, talks about the revenues and performance of Omni Arena at his venue.

Omni Arena: A New Anchor Attraction for FECs

Omni Arena is not just a fun side attraction, it’s a true anchor attraction for FECs and other entertainment venues. The system offers a complete start-to-finish guest experience including a queuing system with text messaging (no need to wait in line!) and a recorded gameplay video that guests receive after playing. Operators on average charge $15 per play, much more than the maximum price for a 5-minute “standing-only” VR experience.

Omni Arena Features

Omni Arena LaughingOmni Arena Players Playing

A survey in which more than 1,100 players participated returned the following results:
  • Overall rating averaged 9.2 out of 10
  • 97% of players reported they want to play again
  • 40% reported they visited the FEC specifically to play Omni Arena

Driving traffic and repeat play are hallmarks of an anchor attraction. Compared to other anchor attractions like laser tag, bowling, and go-karting, Omni Arena is more affordable and compact (its footprint is only 375 square feet).

Check out these kids’ reaction after playing Omni Arena, which says it all. This is the kind of experience you want to deliver to your guests:

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Watch a short trailer video of Omni Arena in action at IAAPA 2018:

Find more info or request pricing for Omni Arena:

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