Minecraft with multiplayer Omnis

We dusted off the original Omni prototype in our machine shop for our first multiplayer session with the Omni (or two Omnis, in this case).  The result is our multiplayer Minecraft demo, with use of the Minecrift VR mod.  Even though the Minecraft graphics seem unsuited for VR, the game is actually a blast with Rift + Omni.  The possibilities for natural motion are exciting, and we continue to test new game experiences on the Omni.

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  1. Niall 10 years ago Reply

    I would just really like to see whether or not they can make the Omni work without the use of a Kinect sensor. I would just like to see it become no longer necessary.
    Still amazing stuff that they have at the moment though! 🙂

  2. ThefatNinja_ 7 years ago Reply

    I would like to join since i like to refresh my mind a bit with some redstone or just fun stuff in general