Multiplayer VRZ, New Distributor, and New Accessories

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Multiplayer VR: VRZ Torment and More Multiplayer Games

Last week we released a new, multiplayer version of VRZ Torment that we consider one of our best Omni experiences yet. This new version enables multiplayer sessions of up to 8 players and adds personalized leaderboards for competitive gaming.

VRZ 01

VRZ 02

We believe the most appealing way to use VR is multiplayer gameplay, experiences you play with or against your friends. We are currently developing four more multiplayer games, including two we will release this summer.

Omniverse operators should have received an email from us with instructions on how to enable the new version of VRZ by updating both SteamVR (exiting its beta branch) and Omni Connect. If you have not received these instructions, please email us at info@virtuix.com.

Omni Connect Update

If you are operating an Omni system, please be sure to update Omni Connect by selecting “Check For Updates” -> “Update All” in the Omni Connect menu. Your Omni system will stop working on July 1 unless you update Omni Connect.

New Omni Distributor: VRX Motion

VRX Motion in Tallinn, Estonia, has begun distributing Omni systems in the Baltic states. The VRX team has more than 16 years of experience selling simulation products and other hardware in this region. If you are located in Latvia, Lithuania, or Estonia and would like to purchase an Omni, please contact Oleg Zurbenko of VRX Motion at oleg@vrxmotion.com.

New Omni Accessories

We are excited to release the following new Omni accessories. These products will be available to U.S. customers via our website starting July 15, and to international customers later this summer via your local distributor.

XS Harness Insert

XS Harness Insert

The XS Harness Insert fits inside the small Omni Harness (not included), accommodating waist sizes between 19” (48 cm) and 23” (58 cm).

U.S. pricing: $99

Kids Kit

Omni Kids Kit

The Omni Kids Kit allows children to play on the Omni by lowering the Omni Ring and reducing the circumference of the Omni Harness. Each Kids Kit includes the following:

  • Two reduced-height Omni arms (reducing the minimum player height to 4’2”)
  • One XS Harness Insert (see description above)

    The Kids Kit enables Omni gameplay for players between 4’2” (127 cm) and 5’0” (152 cm) in height, and for waist sizes between 19” (48 cm) and 23” (58 cm).

    Note: this item is an accessory for existing Virtuix Omni systems. It is NOT usable without an Omni system.

    U.S. pricing: $399

    VR Blinder

    VR Blinder

    The Virtuix VR Blinder fits onto HTC Vive base stations (first-generation only), narrowing the laser-scan angle and reducing interference with other base stations nearby. This accessory is a must-have for operating multiple VR attractions at your facility. It also comes in handy at tradeshows and events where multiple VR attractions are present in the same vicinity (causing interference and tracking glitches).

    U.S. pricing: $59 per VR Blinder (not sold in pairs)

    Reminder: all summer we are offering a 50% discount on replacement Omni bases (see www.virtuix.com/products). We recommend replacing the Omni Base at least once every 12 months to maintain the quality of the Omni experience. For a limited time, you can buy replacements for just $99 (plus shipping).

    Operator News and Events

    Every month we highlight interesting news from our commercial operators and noteworthy openings of new Omni sites.

    Two major new Omni sites opened in France last month. Mast’RV in Chartres, near Paris, offers gameplay on four Omnis:

    Mast RV 01

    Mast RV 02

    Laser Adventure in Paris also offers four Omnis:

    Laser Aventure

    Our South Korean distributor, Lee & Parks, opened their flagship VR location, EVR Ground. This beautifully-designed venue offers multiple Omnis alongside other attractions. See a few pictures below:

    Lee and Parks 01

    Lee and Parks 02

    Lee and Parks 03

    Our Russian distributor, DIGIS, held their annual conference at the Konakovo River Club near Moscow, where they exhibited two Omnis for visitors to try:


    Our German customer, W-AYS, created an Omni software demo for the North Rhine-Westphalia booth at CeBIT in Hannover, Germany, from June 24 to 28. See a few pictures of the event below:

    W-AYS 01

    W-AYS 02

    Best regards,

    Jan and the Virtuix Team