Now Anyone Can Own a Piece of This Virtual Reality Company

By John Gaudiosi MARCH 10, 2016

Crowdfunding has expanded into the video game industry in recent years as companies like Fig and Gambitious take advantage of the JOBS Act that opened the door for average people putting money in startups. Now virtual reality startup Virtuix, maker of the Omni motion gamepad, is using crowdfunding site SeedInvest to raise money.

Jan Goetgeluk, founder and CEO of Virtuix, says this “mini-IPO” will start on March 23 under the new rules of Regulation A+, which allows the public to invest in private companies. Using SeedInvest, Virtuix is hoping to raise $10 million to a maximum of $15 million authorized by federal crowdfunding rules. Earlier this year, the company used SeedInvest to test the investment waters, and received interest from more than 3,200 potential investors who said they were ready to plow in more than $29 million.

“Given the excess demand, we will launch a reservation process on SeedInvest that allows potential investors to reserve their spot and get access to our round during our soft launch targeted on March 21, two days before the round opens publicly,” Goetgeluk says.

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