Omni Arena debuts at Autobahn

We’re pleased to announce that Omni Arena has debuted at Accelerate Indoor Speedway in Waukesha, WI. Accelerate is a brand of Autobahn, the nation’s second-largest go-karting operator. Autobahn owns and operates eleven venues in nine states. This installation is Virtuix’s 55th Omni Arena system in the U.S.

In Omni Arena, up to four players can compete for top spots on the leaderboard to win cash from a $100,00 prize pool sponsored by Virtuix, resulting in high repeat play. At Accelerate, to date, 30% of all plays have been repeat plays. This repeat play rate is among the highest in the industry.

In a survey filled out by nearly 50 Omni Arena players at Accelerate, 98% reported they wanted to play again, and 48% reported they had come to the venue specifically to play Omni Arena. These numbers illustrate how Omni Arena has become an anchor attraction at entertainment venues, attracting guests who might otherwise not visit.

Autobahn Speedway

“Omni Arena is a groundbreaking attraction that takes virtual reality to the next level, allowing players to walk and run around inside video games. Some of our guests play again and again thanks to the $100,000 esports prize pool. The built-in contests are a good fit for our go-karting audience.”

– David Larson, Managing Partner, Autobahn


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