Omni Arena Debuts At Dave & Buster’s

Omni Arena Debuts At Dave & Buster’s

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Omni Arena™ at Dave & Buster’s. The action-packed Omni Arena experience will be offered first for a limited time at the Dave & Buster’s location in Austin, Texas.

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By incorporating the Omni, Virtuix’s proprietary treadmill that enables movement in 360 degrees, Omni Arena adds an important new experience alongside Dave & Buster’s existing roster of VR attractions. The unique Omni experience lets players walk and run within virtual worlds while remaining stationary, unlocking the promise of free-roam VR in a compact form-factor. Players can move around vast environments, battling their friends or cooperating to eliminate enemies that include terrifying zombies and evil robots.

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A queuing system notifies guests by text message when it’s their turn to play, allowing them to sample other Dave & Buster’s attractions in the meantime. When the game finishes, players can share a video of their Omni Arena experience on social media.

In Case You Missed It

We published a blog post here on how VR esports, with Omni Arena, can become a new anchor attraction for family entertainment centers (“FECs”). At the world’s first Omni Arena esports installation at Pinballz, an FEC in Austin, Texas, nearly half of players reported that they visited primarily to play Omni Arena, and all players stated they would play again. The attraction generated more than $52,000 of revenue in the first two months and achieved 26% repeat play.

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Driving traffic and repeat play are hallmarks of an anchor attraction. Omni Arena delivers both. Yet it differs from traditional anchors in two important qualities: price and size. Omni Arena costs significantly less than the large anchor attractions and takes up less than 375 square feet.

You can read the complete article and find additional data here.

Omni Arena Rollout Continues

In the coming weeks we’ll be installing Omni Arena in Atlanta, Las Vegas, and other locations. More news and stats soon!

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Want to try Omni Arena for yourself? Visit us in Austin for a VIP demo! We’ll arrange for your hotel accommodation and, if you purchase a system, we’ll even reimburse your flight expenses!

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