Omni Arena: $300K Revenues and 5-Month ROI

Omni Arena: $300K Revenues and 5-Month ROI

The world’s first Omni Arena installation, at Pinballz, an FEC in Austin, Texas, earned revenues of $75,000 in its first three months of operation. Pinballz charges $15 per play per player and operates Omni Arena with one attendant. At the current rate, Omni Arena is on track to earn $300,000 in its first year and achieve an ROI of 5 months.

Of the 5,000 plays at Pinballz so far, more than 1,000 were repeat plays. Among guests with a player account, the repeat play rate was as high as 40%.

Omni Arena - VR Players

This high rate of repeat plays is driven by our ongoing esports contests, which encourage guests to come weekly and play again and again. Thanks to these contests, 70% of players create a player account, yielding the venue thousands of user profiles including email addresses and dates of birth. This data is a powerful asset for direct marketing campaigns to further stimulate return visits.

Other stats from a recent survey of 135 players:

  • 42% reported they had come specifically to play Omni Arena.
  • 8 guests played Omni Arena more than 10 times, and 3 guests played more than 20 times.

Omniverse ESPORTS Contest Schedule

We selected Pinballz as the first place to install Omni Arena because it’s a large, top-performing venue that treats Omni Arena as an anchor attraction. The following factors contribute to its outstanding performance:

  • Prime spot. When guests enter Pinballz, Omni Arena is the first attraction they see. It’s located right inside the entrance.
  • Compatible attraction mix. Omni Arena’s active experience fits well with Pinballz’s existing activities and customer demographic. In addition to Omni Arena, Pinballz offers go-karting, laser tag, bumper cars, and a laser maze.
  • Excellent attendants. Pinballz’s management knows how to operate staffed attractions, and employees are engaged, helpful, and enthusiastic. Pinballz runs Omni Arena with just one attendant, even on busy weekends, without problems.

Omni Arena Pinballz Staff

Omni Arena: A New Anchor Attraction

By driving repeat play and attracting a new audience of serious gamers, Omni Arena has become a new anchor attraction for FECs and other entertainment venues. But unlike other anchor attractions such as laser tag, bowling, or go-karting, Omni Arena is both affordable and compact. Omni Arena costs significantly less than the large anchor attractions and takes up less than 375 square feet.

Omni Arena Guest Flow

Omni Arena offers a complete guest experience, starting with the queuing system. Players don’t need to wait in line: a text message notifies them when it’s their turn to play, allowing them to enjoy other attractions in the meantime. And when the game finishes, players receive a video of their experience, embedded with the venue’s logo, that they can share on social media.

New Logo

After noticing that customers commonly refer to our attraction as “Omni Arena,” we decided to adopt this short, simple name going forward. See our new logo below:

Omni Arena Logo

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