Omni Live demo and E3

Virtuix exceeded 2,000 backers this weekend – thank you all for your overwhelming support! We aren’t taking any breaks. The Omni is at E3! The coming days are jam packed with back-to-back demonstrations and our backer event in Los Angeles.

VR presentation and live Omni demo

Remember our Omni Live! event in LA two weeks ago?  We gave a presentation about the Omni and VR to an enthusiastic crowd, followed by a live Omni demo of Half Life 2 and Team Fortress 2. Check out the summary video below as well as the full presentation, which takes a deep dive into the future of VR and the Omni for an unfiltered and comprehensive discussion.

Omni Live presentation and demo – summary:

Omni Live presentation and demo – full video:

Final t-shirt design

A big thank you to our backer Tyson for designing an awesome t-shirt for us. Check it out:


For those who have been wondering about stretch goals, all we can say is this: a stretch goal is on the way!

E3 Twitter outreach 

We are starting to get the word out to everyone at E3 – developers, publishers, media – that the Virtual Reality gaming revolution has begun. You can help. We are giving back-to-back demonstrations until Thursday – spread the word online while we are walking, running, and jumping in VR. E3 starts today, let’s make sure everyone knows that VR is here. Retweet below or add your own voice. Follow us @VirtuixOmni and @solotko on Twitter.

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Talk to you soon!

Jan and the Virtuix team