Omni Roadshow and Live Event

Virtuix just got back to Houston after a 10-day roadshow with the Omni from Seattle to LA. What a trip! Our main takeaway: people love the Omni VR experience.

Virtuix started in Seattle with a visit to Valve Software, where 22 game developers tried out the Omni in five hours time – a demo record.  Too bad we weren’t able to accommodate Joe Ludwig; his foot size 15 proved too big for our collection of prototype shoes. We’ll make it up to you, Joe!

On Friday and Saturday, tech gurus Linus Sebastian and Chris Pirillo stopped by to experience the Omni first hand. Be sure to check out their videos and reactions:

Linus unboxing:

Linus demo:

Chris Pirillo:

Next stop: Silicon Valley. After an 11-hour drive from Portland, we arrived in Los Gatos to meet with Amir Rubin, the CEO of Sixense Entertainment and developer of the Razer Hydra. Sixense has mastered magnetic tracking, and brings an important piece to the VR puzzle. Amir gave us his full support; Sixense will be a good ally in our developing VR ecosystem.

Final stop: Los Angeles. Our Omni Live! Event on Wednesday was an experience to never forget. During the day, the BBC came by to film a feature about the Omni. At night, 52 Omni and VR enthusiasts made the hike to Venice to hear us talk about VR, mingle and socialize, and see the Omni in full action in Half-life 2 and Team Fortress 2. What a great group of people. The raving reactions made us remember that our hard work is worthwhile. The Omni will forever change gaming and VR.

We concluded our trip with a visit to NASA JPL, where we used the Omni to walk on Mars alongside a Mars Rover. Videos to follow soon!

We are now in our final stretch to our Kickstarter launch. Be sure to sign up for our contest to win a free Omni: vr.petroldev.com/contest.

Thank you all for your continuing support!

Jan and the Virtuix team


NASA NASA 2 Luggage LA IMG_0275 IMG_0264 IMG_0256 IMG_0248 IMG_0245 IMG_0231 IMG_0274




  1. Josh McCormick 11 years ago Reply

    For those of us with weird shoe sizes, is that going to be a barrier or, at the very least, something that prevents us from fully taking advantage of the Kickstarter pledge rewards?

  2. Alex Warto 11 years ago Reply

    This is so awesome 🙂 Hopefully I will be getting one from the contest or else I have squeeze my tight budget to get the money for it 🙂

  3. Snackbar 11 years ago Reply

    I am crazy about this push towards VR and creating spaces for full immersion. I love the kit Virtuix is showing.

    I do not love the ads and posters being used for it. Full respect to the engineers and masterminds behind the device itself, but there are better, more descriptive and, non-BOOBSBOOBSBOOBS ways of selling technology. Unnecessary and more than a little crass.

    Again, I love the Omni. I have devoured every video you’ve put out and will continue to do so. But please, look at those ads again.

  4. Nicholas F 11 years ago Reply

    Any chance you guys could come up to Vancouver at some point?

  5. Shogun 10 years ago Reply

    this thing looks awesome!

    but to make it perfect it would need a wireless adapter on the belt. (or some connectors in the ring that can bring the signals to the devices base without tangling up wires)

    i think it would need some usb ports and headset connectors.
    without this, a lot of kiddys might strangle themselfes. but if you can plug up your oculus, your headset and maybe a controller of some sort to your belt, the cables would move and turn with you.