Omniverse Announcement

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Today we proudly unveiled Omniverse™, our proprietary VR content delivery and arcade management platform that transforms the Omni from a standalone hardware device to a complete entertainment system for commercial operators with more than 15 top VR games to choose from, including the popular horror experience Affected – The Manor, Stonepunk Studios’ highly anticipated adventure game Primordian, and the acclaimed fantasy title Karnage Chronicles.

What is Omniverse?

The Omniverse platform is a software system that enables Omni players to choose from more than 15 of the world’s best VR titles from menus displayed within the headset, while commercial operators manage and track gameplay from a centralized console in real time. Benefits of our platform to operators include:

  • Allowing players to preview, launch, and switch games from within the VR headset
  • Allowing operators to set and track customer play times and to receive alerts if customers need help
  • Managing all Omnis installed at a site from a central console
  • Monitoring daily customer usage and gameplay statistics via our web-based operator dashboard

For details of the Omniverse platform features, download our brochure here.

What games are included?

We’ve collaborated with some of the world’s top content providers to curate an exceptional and diverse set of experiences, including fast-paced multiplayer first-person shooters, fantasy RPGs, and even casual games offering relaxed exploration. Omniverse will launch with the following 15 titles (more will be added in the coming months):

  • AFFECTED – The Manor
  • Bow Master
  • Coin Rush
  • Hyperdrome
  • Karnage Chronicles
  • Nature Treks VR
  • Omni Arena
  • Primordian
  • Project Ghost
  • Quell 4D
  • QuiVr
  • The Bellows
  • TRAVR: Shadow Ops
  • TRAVR: Training Ops
  • VRZ Torment

Our Omniverse software includes personalized save-game functionality that allows players to continue a story-based game exactly where they left off in a previous gameplay session.

How do operators pay for third-party Omni games?

Omniverse uses a pay-by-time model where operators pre-purchase credits that they can apply toward any game offered on the Omniverse platform. As customers play games, the Omniverse platform tracks usage and deducts credits from the operator’s account on a per-minute basis. Omniverse automatically handles license payments to the game developers, so no additional payment from the operator to the developer is required.

Omniverse will include five free games that won’t cost operators a dime. These include the three existing Virtuix games and two new games from our partner Hero Entertainment: Bow Master and Coin Rush.

Who can use Omniverse?

Omniverse is included with each Omni yet is reserved exclusively for our commercial customers. Non-commercial Omni units will not be compatible with Omniverse. Similarly, once Omniverse has been installed on an Omni, the device will no longer function with any non-Omniverse applications or any games launched outside of the Omniverse platform. With the release of Omniverse, the Omni becomes a complete, self-contained entertainment system with 15+ games to choose from.

This month we will start rolling out an early “beta” version of the Omniverse platform, with full worldwide roll-out to all Omni operators taking place in October. If you’d like to receive more information about Omniverse, please contact us at http://www.virtuix.com/commercial-inquiries/.

In closing, check out our new Omni promo video below, highlighting a few Omniverse games:

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