Omniverse Rollout, Upgraded Omni Firmware, and New Distribution Partnerships.

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Omniverse Rollout

This month we continued to roll out Omniverse to our worldwide operators. Omniverse is our proprietary VR content delivery and arcade management platform that transforms the Omni into a complete entertainment system for commercial operators. Omniverse comes with more than 15 top VR games as well as online tools for operators to monitor and manage their arcade businesses in real time.

The Omniverse software is free and included with the Omni. Omni operators receive five games that are entirely free to play and 1,000 free starter minutes to play third-party VR titles. Contact us here if you are a commercial operator and would like more information about Omniverse.

New Omni Firmware

The Omni firmware has undergone a major upgrade, resulting in a more robust movement-detection algorithm. Our updated motion library now allows for a much larger analog speed range, from a slow crawl to a full-on sprint. This improvement mitigates motion sickness in novice players, who move cautiously, without compromising the experience of advanced players who move at full sprint.

If you are an Omni owner, you should have received an email last week with instructions on how you can upgrade your firmware. If you did not receive this email, please check your spam folder or let us know.

New Distributors: Poland and Russia

We continue to sign up distributors in commercial entertainment and professional markets worldwide. Last month we formed a partnership with distributor Digital Vitra in Poland. Digital Vitra is a leading provider of some of the world’s top brands of multimedia hardware. If you are based in Poland and would like to purchase an Omni for commercial use, contact Michal Raburski at Digital Vitra at michal.raburski@digitalvitra.pl or visit their website here.

We also formed a distribution partnership with Sim Solutions in Russia. Sim Solutions is the official Russian distributor of rSeat racing simulators and other immersive hardware. If you are based in Russia and would like to purchase an Omni for commercial use, contact Sim Solution’s “Virtual Battle” team at mail@virtual-battle.club or visit their website here.

We maintain a list of our international distributors on our webpage here. If you are a distributor of hardware equipment in commercial markets and are interested in becoming an Omni distributor, please contact us here.

Operator News and Events

Every month we highlight interesting news from our commercial operators and noteworthy openings of new Omni sites.

Family entertainment center iPlay America in Freehold, New Jersey, opened their four-Omni VR attraction last month. Their setup highlights how the Omni can offer a unique and exciting multiplayer VR experience without the need for a lot of expensive floor space:

VR Arcade Virtual Recall in Madrid opened its doors on October 6. Virtual Recall offers gameplay on two Omnis in addition to several racing cars and room-scale setups.

Omni operator Vault-Tec in Tampa recently made the local news with their two-Omni setup:

The Japanese electronics conglomerate TDK prominently displayed the Omni at CEATEC in Japan, the country’s largest electronics show. TDK supplies some of the sensors and processors used in the Omni.

Our global distributor UNIS / Fun VR Tech demonstrated their two-unit Omni Arena setup at the European Attractions Show (EAS) in Berlin on September 26-28. The Omni was one of the big hits at the show!

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