Online Store Launched

We completed our successful $1.1 million Kickstarter campaign and are proud to announce that we just launched our online store, making the Virtuix Omni available for pre-order online. To celebrate this important milestone, we are offering a special coupon for a $50 discount on a Standard or Duel Omni package until Wednesday, August 14. Visit our online store, or tell your friends to do so, at http://www.virtuix.com and enter the coupon code “VR50” to obtain the discount.

Walk on Mars with the Omni

Virtuix visited NASA JPL last month and used the Omni to walk on the surface of Mars alongside the Mars Rover. See the video below of our extra-terrestrial Omni experience!

T-Shirts / Posters

Our team has been signing Kickstarter posters, and the exclusive t-shirts are ready to be produced. If you pledged for t-shirts / posters, please fill out the survey that was sent last week to let us know your shipping and sizing information.

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QuakeCon 2013

Virtuix had a great time at QuakeCon last week showcasing two Omni prototypes. The crowd was enthusiastic and outstanding, as always. We also had a Free Omni contest – congrats to Daniel Marberry for winning the prize!


PAX Prime 2013

Virtuix is pleased to announce that we are bringing the Omni to PAX Prime in Seattle on August 30 – September 2. We will be in Zone 2 (Level 6 Expo Floor). Stop by, come meet our team, and see the Omni in action!

We have made great progress on various fronts in the last few weeks. We have expanded our team with talented engineers, the Priority Prototypes are in full production, the manufacturing preparations are taking shape, and we are completing a demo of our tracking hardware. Most importantly, we are excited about the road ahead of us. Thank you for your continuing support!

Jan, Simon, and the Virtuix team



  1. Eshel 11 years ago Reply

    Hello, I would like to pre order. Where do I do it?

  2. William 9 years ago Reply

    Hey just saying, take as long as you need and great job, also what is the best gear that you put on your head and look through ( the virtual reality gear ) what do you recommend , Oculas Rift or something else?

  3. Kayla 5 years ago Reply

    I would love to order a T-shirt

  4. Alex 4 years ago Reply

    Hello I am inspired by the idea and the design of Omni kits. I have been to Hong Kong site several times and the experience were AMAZING. Now I am thinking of getting a set at home. however, it is challenging for me to afford a full Omni Kits. Can I play with the games with only VR headset and consoles?