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In April, ten Omni Arena sites (nearly 20% of our install base) organized their own local esports contest featuring Omni Arena’s Gunslinger, a Western shooter game for up to four players. Over 750 esports players participated, boosting revenues and repeat play at the participating sites.

No operational effort was required. The functionality to run a local esports contest, in addition to Omni Arena’s weekly and monthly nationwide contests, is automated and built into the system. Virtuix sets up a dedicated, local leaderboard and even helps with branded marketing materials.

Local contests create lots of buzz and excitement, giving FECs engaging social media and email marketing content. FECs can offer prizes that prompt players to come back to the venue, driving repeat visits.

Gator Mike’s Family Fun Park in Cape Coral, FL ran a three-month tournament starting in January. Over 200 teams participated! Contestants paid $15 per play, resulting in revenues of over $8,000. The top player played 13 times!

“Omni Arena has been a big draw at our park. Our guests love it, and we see a ton of repeat play.”

– Chris Scuderia, Owner, Gator Mike’s

At The Epicenter in Puyallup, WA, over a dozen players played 3 times or more (the top contestant participated 8 times), paying $15 per play.

The Epicenter is a small venue (just 5,000 sq. ft.), so the ability to attract repeat guests and boost revenues with Omni Arena has been a key driver of their success. Many of these players return to enter the nationwide contests, competing for a $100,000 prize pool sponsored by Virtuix.

“When Omni Arena’s Gunslinger came out in March, I was hooked right away. We set up own local esports contests, and it became a great success! Our winning guest played 8 times to ensure their top spot! That speaks volumes about the value that Omni Arena brings both to us and our community.”

– Kari Hanes, Co-Owner, The Epicenter


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