Omni Controller Mount


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SKU: VF0028

Product Description

The Omni Controller Mount attaches to the Omni’s right arm and holds two HTC Vive hand controllers and a pair of Virtuix Omni Tracking Pods. Additionally, the Controller Mount allows for easy, one-click calibration of both your Omni and your HTC Vive head-mounted display (“room setup”). See a brief demo video here. This package includes:

  • 1x Controller Mount to be attached to your Omni’s right arm
  • Instructions and template for easy installation
  • Note: HTC Vive hand controllers and Tracking Pods are NOT included

To use the Controller Mount to calibrate your Omni and HTC Vive “Room Setup”, download our latest calibration application here if you don’t have Omniverse. This calibration application is included within the Omniverse interface.

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