Production and Omni Games

Production Update

The first containers of Omnis have arrived in Austin. A container can hold up to 54 Omnis and takes four to six weeks to get to the U.S. from China via ocean freight. Quality remains our primary focus. All units are tested at the end of our assembly line in China, and our team fully inspects each Omni again upon arrival in Austin before we deliver the units to our customers. See a few pictures below of the arrival of our first container and our Austin headquarters transformed to handle this flow of products.


container warehouse-omni

We plan to produce and ship one container per week to Austin between now and Chinese New Year in January. This pace will increase after Chinese New Year, and after quality is under control we will skip the extra inspection step in Austin and ship units to customers directly. We also deliver production units directly to our joint-venture partner in China for the Chinese commercial entertainment market. Commercial operators pay us additional licensing fees, which help us stay funded while we deliver our backlog.

We appreciate your support and understand if your circumstances have changed. If the wait time to receive your Omni unit is causing you any concern or inconvenience whatsoever, feel free to contact us to arrange a refund at info@virtuix.com.

Omni Games

Each month we will highlight a few notable games or applications in development for the Omni. The SoulKeeper VR by Helm Systems is a breathtaking RPG game that will integrate our UE4 SDK for gameplay with the Omni. The SoulKeeper immerses the player into the world of Gerindak, a world filled with lore and adventure, intertwining stories, and various playable characters, each with distinctive skills and gameplay. The player can engage in melee or spell-casting combat, shoot arrows through a multitude of ranged weapons, and even ride and control dragons. See a demo video below, and read coverage by Upload VR here.

Our community manager SutekiB played two VR games this month that worked out-of-the-box with the Omni without any need for developer tweaks: Alice VR and Chernobyl VR. Watch his gameplay videos here:

IAAPA Expo and PAX Australia

Our commercial customer UNIS demonstrated an impressive five-Omni setup at the IAAPA Attractions Expo in Orlando on November 15-18. UNIS plans to sell the Omni worldwide in an elaborate and integrated installation for location-based entertainment businesses. Visitors were able to play Omni Arena in single-player mode. See a video and a few pictures below of our presence at the show:

unis-iaapa-3 unis-iaapa-1

Our commercial customer American Kiosk successfully launched a two-Omni installation at the Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas:


Earlier this month PLE Computers exhibited an Omni at PAX Australia in Melbourne on November 4-6. See a few pictures of the event below.

unis-iaapa unis-iaapa-2


As always, please join us on our Forums if you’d like to discuss this update or anything VR related:


Best regards,

Jan and the Virtuix Team



  1. Joshua Bisgaard 7 years ago Reply

    I really enjoy looking forward to the monthly letter and reading it. It reminds me of when my grandma would do a family monthly newsletter.

  2. Mike Drab 7 years ago Reply

    Thanks for the update. I’m anxious just like so many for the product. The waiting is the hardest part of course and I am a patient person. I just wish I knew approximately how long of a wait it will be. Is there a way to tell how long based on when it was ordered? I ordered mine back in 2014 I believe. I understand if you can’t answer at this time but thought I would try.


  3. jisungyoon 7 years ago Reply

    ENTER COMMENTLong wait

    When can I get it?

    And it’s been too long

    I forgot my order number.

    [Korea ]

    [Name: jisung yoon]

  4. Michael 7 years ago Reply

    My god please stop taking so long!
    You the wait times for one of these is killing your business right? Please hurry.

  5. Jessica 7 years ago Reply

    So, I’m developing a game that will hopefully have Omni capabilities, but if it doesn’t show up soon, I won’t be able to showcase this at PAX next year.
    I think it’s absolutely ridiculous that you would tell me when I placed my order that it would come in around August, when apparently that wasn’t even feasible. It’s not the waiting I hate, it’s that you guys keep promising and promising. I don’t mind waiting but do not lie to me.

  6. Fabian 7 years ago Reply

    I’ve got a really bad feeling about this. I have been a pre-order customer for many years, have a weird feeling this company is going to cancel our pre orders and kickstarter’s so they can sell units at a higher price or only to their commercial partners. Prove me wrong.

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