Production and Omni SDK

Production Update

Our production continues at a slow but steady pace. The first Kickstarter backers have received their units at their homes. See a few pictures below of day-one Kickstarter backer Joseph Houff with his Omni:


Please note that our pace of production is currently slow. We fully inspect each unit before it leaves the assembly line in China, and then we ship the units to our headquarters in Austin for reassembly and rigorous repeat inspection. Quality control is our biggest concern and will constrain our output for the next several months. To permit enhanced inspection, we are currently shipping units to the U.S. only.

We apologize for the long wait. We appreciate your support and understand if your circumstances have changed. If the delay in receiving your Omni unit is causing you any concern or inconvenience whatsoever, feel free to contact us to arrange a refund.

Omni SDK and Content Highlight

Our Omni SDK for Unity and UE4 is now available for download at http://www.virtuix.com/resource-center/. The download package includes documentation and samples of how to integrate the Omni controller into your project. To give us feedback on our SDK or suggestions for improvement, please write to us at developers@virtuix.com. We’d love to hear from you!

If you are working on a fun game or application that you’d like us to share with the community, please let us know! Send us a note at developers@virtuix.com. Every month we’ll highlight the most interesting games and applications in progress that use the Omni.

Our Kickstarter backer Gaspar Ferreiro is making a fun game for VR and the Omni: Project Ghost, an action-RPG in which you play a Project Ghost soldier wielding a sword and bow to progress through a story of revenge set in the Sol System in the year 2393. Watch an early video below:


CS:GO and Third-Party Game Guides

Besides native Omni applications, we have identified a few “legacy games” (i.e., games not made for VR or the Omni) that are a blast to play with the Omni. Those games, however, require some fiddling with settings and third-party drivers to make the experience enjoyable. We will publish legacy game guides on our website that recommend the optimal settings for such games. Our first few guides are available here and include CS:GO, Skyrim, and Minecraft. Check back regularly for new guides!

Events: TwitchCon, PAX AUS, IAAPA

Earlier this month we exhibited two Omnis at TwitchCon with Reload Studios, developer of the highly anticipated VR first-person shooter game World War Toons. Reload’s game integrates our Omni SDK for Unreal Engine 4, making it one of the most fun experiences with the Omni to date. See a picture below of the event:

The Omni is coming to Australia! For the first time, we will exhibit the Omni Down Under together with our local partner PLE Computers at PAX Australia in Melbourne on November 4-6. Come by and say hello if you’re at the show!

Our commercial customer UNIS will demonstrate an impressive 5-Omni setup at the IAAPA Attractions Expo in Orlando on November 15-18. UNIS will package Omnis in an elaborate full-booth setup for location-based entertainment businesses.

As always, please join us on our Forums if you’d like to discuss this update or anything VR related:


Best regards,

Jan and the Virtuix Team



  1. Jon Kelling 7 years ago Reply

    For what it’s worth, the delay doesn’t bother me at all. I’m just excited that I’ll have one some day. It’ll be a great day! Thanks guys! Also, I appreciate the updates. Thanks for those, too!

    • admin2015 7 years ago Reply

      Thank you for the kind words. It is truly appreciated! Though production may be slow, it is to ensure that we ship exemplary hardware so our customers can have the best VR experience out there.

  2. Keep up the good work, guys! I know production is slow but you are creating the biggest thing that will hit gaming since its inception! We’re all looking forward to the mainstreamed product, but we want it to be the best version you can make, and we know quality takes time! Especially for something that has never been done before. Keep working hard and don’t drown under the pressure from backed up orders. Have as much fun building them as we’ll have using them! It will show in the final products.

    • admin2015 7 years ago Reply

      Thank you! We appreciate your comment and the enthusiasm you have for VR and the potential of the Omni. We hope to exceed all of our customers’ expectations with the Omni, and are excited to provide a true solution to movement in VR.

  3. Ann 7 years ago Reply

    The price increase has turned me off to your product and the excuse of testing testing testing. I needed it to help with motion sickness. I found a product hell of a lot cheaper. Maybe when you finally catch up and are desperate for money, i may think of purchasing again.

    • admin2015 7 years ago Reply

      Hi Ann,

      We’re sorry we could not meet your needs at this time, but we are thankful that you will consider a purchase from us in the future. If you have any questions about the Omni or its functionality, don’t hesitate to reach out: info@virtuix.com

      Best regards,
      The Virtuix Team

    • xxann5 7 years ago Reply

      So whats this product that is so cheap?

      Also “and are desperate for money”, what? Are you trying to frighten or intimidate them?

  4. Khurram 7 years ago Reply

    Hello everyone at Omni!!

    Any plans for coming to the UK or Europe, keen to get on board or look at partnering opportunities?

    Speak soon.

  5. Joshua Bisgaard 7 years ago Reply

    “To permit enhanced inspection, we are currently shipping units to the U.S. only.”

    “UNIS will package Omnis in an elaborate full-booth setup for location-based entertainment businesses.”

  6. Tammy 7 years ago Reply

    Thank you for keeping me uptated, I ordered it for my son, he can’t wait to get it, hopefully not too much longer

  7. julius Bayer 7 years ago Reply

    ENTER COMMENT: Would like VR unit that can be used to stimulate muscle memory golf swings…Anything?

  8. tom quinn 7 years ago Reply

    Hi all I’m in oz cant wait to get my new toy soon I hope. ive already paid the 600 us ages ago just wondering how much is final product and any cost’s yet for freight

  9. Drew 7 years ago Reply

    I still have my Rift in a box….not taking it out…nor upgrading my computer until I get my Omni…I bought it in 2014 I believe,….I can wait, as long as the wait has been for you guys to get it right….you are saying all the right things…so I choose to believe you….take the time you need….don’t kill me with shipping cost, and I will be happy

  10. Anton 7 years ago Reply

    I am extremely excited about the Omni. I have been following your company for a year now and can’t wait for your mainstreamed product!

  11. randy— 7 years ago Reply

    I am an 8thousand order any projection if I’ll see my omni in 6 months, a year, or longer?

  12. Bean 7 years ago Reply

    我等著Omni來開發Unity Game!

    I am a Taiwan buyer, I am glad you have updated the status of each month, but would like to ask the expected delivery time in Taiwan?
    I’m waiting for Omni to develop Unity Game!

  13. Jackie 7 years ago Reply

    So how much is the Omni now? and when will it be available for purchase again? Patiently waiting.

    thanks ~

  14. WESLEI SILVA 7 years ago Reply


  15. Nancy Erkens 7 years ago Reply

    Hi, when do you expect the Omni to be available in Belgium ? With the founder of this company being a Belgian, you shouldn’t forget us over here !

  16. Howard Griffin 7 years ago Reply

    Hi Guys,

    Any chance you can give us a ETA for the UK? We pre-ordered two units way back in July 2014 for a research project at the University of Kent. I would have thought that research institutions, regardless of their location in the world, should be a priority for shipping???Needless to say, the world of architectural visualisation has moved on since then and where once I had hoped to be at the cutting edge of developments, I now find that this VR work hopelessly held back by these continual and repeated delays. Is there any hope of a delivery sometime soon or will we have to wait another 2.5 years?