Production Update and Events

Production Update

Our production continues at a steady pace. We have successfully completed our PVT1 and PVT2 pilot runs (PVT stands for “Production Verification Test”), and the first full containers of Omnis are scheduled to ship this month (note: these first containers will come to the U.S.). Our first Kickstarter backers in the U.S. have received an email with the notification that their Omnis are ready to be delivered. Once we are ready to ship your Omni and accessories, you will receive a series of three emails:

  • 1. The first email asks for confirmation of your order and shipping address.
  • 2. The second email provides a shipping invoice and a link to pay for shipping.
  • 3. After you have paid for shipping, you will receive a third email that confirms the shipment of your order and your order tracking number.

Your Omni Shoes and accessories (if you ordered any) will arrive separately right before your main Omni unit, which comes in a big cardboard box on a wooden pallet. The components of the Omni box are easy to remove from the box and carry individually inside to your designated Omni space (you may want to discard the Omni box and pallet afterwards).


This month we will also release the launch version of our user interface Omni Connect, our Unity3D and Unreal Engine SDKs, and our three Omni games (TRAVR: Training Ops, TRAVR: Shadow Ops, and Omni Arena). All software and games will be available to download for free from our website. See a new trailer of TRAVR: Shadow Ops below:

We will keep you posted as our production progresses and our software becomes available online!

Upcoming Events: PAX West and GTI Expo

We’re excited to announce that Reload Studios, the developer of the premier VR first-person shooter World War Toons, will exhibit two Omnis at PAX West to demo their impressive FPS in multiplayer mode. Come visit us and play World War Toons with the Omni at the VR Village in the Westin – Seattle on September 2-5. Reload has integrated our Omni SDK for Unreal Engine 4 in World War Toons, making the game one of the most fun experiences with the Omni to date. See our gameplay video below!

Our commercial partner UNIS will demonstrate an elaborate four-Omni multiplayer setup at the GTI Expo in Guangzhou on September 9-11. UNIS is one of the world’s largest suppliers of entertainment attractions. See a picture below of how they plan to commercialize a four-Omni setup designed for entertainment centers and arcades:


Digital Dive Opens Two-Omni Setup at Austin Mall

One of our early partners, Digital Dive, has opened a setup with two Omnis in a mall in Austin where visitors line up to pay $10 per Omni game session. The Omni is a great fit for such location-based entertainment in malls, VR arcades, or gaming centers. If you’d like to learn more about our commercial licensing program and content partners, contact us via our website at http://www.virtuix.com/commercial-license/.



As always, please join us on our Forums if you’d like to discuss this update or anything VR related:


Best regards,

Jan and the Virtuix Team



  1. Andres 7 years ago Reply


    Can I get a pre orden of 10 units Virtuix Omni ?

  2. Fabian 7 years ago Reply

    Not to be difficult, but the original order I placed said that I could avoid shipping costs by picking up the unit locally since I live in California. Whatever happened to that option?

  3. Baltazar Lopez 5 years ago Reply

    When will the treadmill come out for the public (to buy)