Production Update and Omni Games

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Production Update

Fulfilment of our U.S. backlog continues at a steady pace. We are pleased to report that we have now reached Kickstarter backer #1,139 on our order fulfilment list to start the Omni shipping process. We will start shipping pre-order units immediately after all Kickstarter units have been delivered.

Please be prepared that shipping costs will be in the $230 range (or higher if you ordered accessories). The Omni comes in a large, 230 lbs (105 kg) box on a wooden pallet, so shipping is expensive. We apologize for these high costs, as we realize they are much higher than what we estimated during our pre-order phase.

We understand if your circumstances have changed or if the high shipping costs are causing you concern. Note that you can receive a refund at any time with interest for your pre-order by contacting us at info@virtuix.com.

TRAVR: Training Ops

One of the three Virtuix games included with your Omni is TRAVR: Training Ops. In Training Ops, players compete for the top score in 10 varied levels by completing each level’s shooting course as quickly and accurately as possible. Via your Omni Online account, you are automatically ranked on our leaderboards against all other Omni players worldwide! Check out our latest gameplay video below. Can you get your name in the top ten?

Affected: The Manor

We are currently working with more than twenty top-tier VR game developers who are integrating our Omni SDK to make their games compatible natively with the Omni. Each month we will highlight a great game or application that takes advantage of our Omni SDK.

Affected: The Manor by Fallen Planet Studios is a VR horror experience in which you cautiously tread your way through an old, haunted house. The game offers unprecedented levels of fear and is not for the faint of heart! Visit Affected’s official website here and watch our gameplay video below using the Samsung Gear VR (the game’s HTC Vive edition is coming to Steam this month):

For more inspiration on what games to play with the Omni, remember to visit our videos page on our website or the YouTube channel Explore VR by our community manager SutekiB. We also published a few legacy game guides, including for GTA V and Skyrim, which you can download here. Note that these legacy games are not developed for VR and require some fiddling with settings and third-party drivers. While these games can be fun to try out at home, we do not recommend them for use in a commercial entertainment setup.

Commercial Partnerships

We continue to receive requests from commercial operators who want to use the Omni as part of a VR arcade or gaming center. Our expansion into the commercial market is good news for home users of the Omni, as it helps us secure great content for the Omni. The commercial market is currently the main source of revenues for most VR game developers, and our commercial installations incentivize game developers to integrate our Omni SDK and earn money from Omni gameplay.

See a video below of a five-Omni setup by Fun VR Tech at IAAPA 2016:

If you are interested in using the Omni commercially, please contact us at http://www.virtuix.com/commercial-license/.

As always, please join us on our Forums if you’d like to discuss this update or anything VR related:


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  1. Jenn 7 years ago Reply

    ENTER COMMENTwill you sell to a small gym in Los Angeles ?

  2. Eugene 6 years ago Reply

    Is there any list of gaming centers currently offering Omni experience?
    At least in southern US.