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Production Update

Our production continues at a steady pace. Our China team is currently exporting containers to Austin for secondary inspection (and rework if needed) followed by delivery to our customers. We aim to skip the secondary inspection in Austin as soon as we feel comfortable with our production quality (projected to be by the end of this month). At that time, we will start shipping Omni units directly to our customers.

This month we will work on linking each backlog Omni unit to a container in our production schedule, so that we can communicate everyone’s place in line and estimated shipping timeline. This shipping schedule will still be subject to change (production hiccups happen), but at least you will have a fixed spot in our fulfilment queue.

See a few recent pictures below from the assembly line and storage area in our production facility in China:




Omni Content Program

The Omni continues to receive a lot of interest from the commercial entertainment market (VR arcades, gaming centers, and mall setups that charge players per session to play on the Omni). This commercial channel is proving to be a great way for game developers to monetize their content. While the home consumer market for VR is taking off slower than expected (posing a challenge for VR game developers to make money and survive), in the commercial market large numbers of customers are willing to pay for content and Omni gameplay. To help game developers monetize their content, our Heroix VR joint venture in China has developed a revenue-sharing platform that pays game developers each time a commercial user plays their game on the Omni. More than twenty top-tier VR game studios are using our Omni SDK to make their games compatible natively with the Omni for our commercial channel. In turn, these great VR games will be available to our backers and pre-order customers in the U.S. to play in their homes.

Each month we will highlight a great game or application that takes advantage of our Omni SDK. The Bellows by Castle Step Studios is a VR Horror experience that transports you to an estate where, in the middle of the night, you are awoken by a violent storm. Unfortunately, it is not a normal night as things soon start to go awry… See the game on Steam here and a teaser video below:


If you are developing a VR game and you are interested in learning more about the opportunity to monetize your game in our commercial channel, please contact us at developers@virtuix.com.


eSports with the Omni

Our joint-venture partner in Asia, Hero Entertainment, owns the “Hero Pro League,” or HPL for short, which is the largest mobile eSports league in China. Hero has big plans for VR eSports with the Omni. Last month’s HPL event featured the first-ever Omni eSports tournament. See an exciting video below:


Omni Distributors

We are in the process of selecting distributors and resellers to distribute the Omni in the EU, Canada, and other foreign markets. If you currently have a credible distribution business with a commercial customer base and are interested in adding the Omni to your portfolio, please contact us at info@virtuix.com.

As always, please join us on our Forums if you’d like to discuss this update or anything VR related:


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  1. When new shoulders in your projets?

    Thanks you

  2. EShareholders and investor


  3. hassan ouahid 7 years ago Reply

    Egreat bat i hope to have bay this in my contry ALGERIA -DZ god luck.

  4. Jimiao Duan 7 years ago Reply

    they said their partner in Asia will be handling sales (including commercial) for that region. They can be contacted at sonostella@qq.com. this is a Chinese company named HERO ENTERTAINMENT, they only sale commercial version and price is 26888 ¥in China, it’s about 3900$,I am worry about the guys who pre-ordered omni maybe cancel, because this price is a big difference between now and they promised before, everyone has to pay more to buy it, it sucks!

  5. hallo virtrix team,
    I am from Germany and actuel the refund for the prepayd omni is in process.
    I have a question regarding the delivery of one unit to germany. Is it possible to send one unit to an address of a frend of me in the states and he can perhaps snd the unit to Germany? Or is it in general to difficult to send this havy equipment to Germany?
    Many thanks in advance
    Best regards

  6. Ramazan 7 years ago Reply

    I want 2 virtuix omni
    Can you give me price and detail

  7. Ramazan 7 years ago Reply

    I want to be distributor of your brand in Turkey…
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    I want to be distributor of your brand in Turkey
    Can you give me the conditions
    thank you