VR Stands and Pricing Update

Production Update

We completed a major milestone for our company and the Omni this past month: the first full containers of Omnis have left our assembly facility in China and are on their way to the U.S.! Arrival is estimated for early November. See a few pictures below of the first containers of Omnis ready to be dispatched:




Once we are ready to ship your Omni and accessories, you will receive a series of three emails to confirm your order/shipping address and pay for shipping. Note: the first few containers are coming to the U.S. only; we are still waiting on our VAT registrations in our international markets, which we will start serving later this year.

We’ve also started updating our website with helpful instructional videos and guides, a download center to download Omni Connect, and a few guides on how to optimize the settings of the Omni and third-party software to play certain legacy games in VR (i.e., games that are not made for VR yet are incredibly fun to play in VR with the Omni).

VR Stands

This past month we made a new Omni accessory available on our website: VR Stands, which are two standalone, adjustable stands to easily mount and position your HTC Vive base stations without needing to drill holes in your wall. We’ve been taking our VR Stands to various events and tradeshows for our own use, where we received feedback from many visitors asking us to make those available to our community. If you’d like to add the VR Stands to your pre-order, you can do so via our website or by contacting us at support@virtuix.com. See an image below:


Event Recap: PAX West, GTI Expo, and TwitchCon

Earlier this month we exhibited two Omnis at PAX West with Reload Studios, developer of the highly anticipated VR first-person shooter World War Toons. Reload’s game integrates our Omni SDK for Unreal Engine 4, making it one of the most fun experiences with the Omni to date.

Reload will again exhibit World War Toons with two Omnis running in multiplayer mode at TwitchCon from Sep. 30 to Oct. 2 at the San Diego Convention Center. Come try it out if you’re attending the show!

Our commercial partner UNIS demonstrated an impressive five-Omni setup at the GTI Expo in Guangzhou. Visitors played the VR version of Crisis Action, developed especially for the Omni by our joint-venture partner, Hero Entertainment. With 400 million players, Crisis Action is one of China’s most popular first-person shooters. UNIS’s elaborate five-Omni setup used only two HTC Vive base stations to optically track five Vive HMD systems. See below a few pictures and a video of our booth, which many attendees remarked was the hottest attraction at the show.




Pricing Update

Now that we have started mass production of the Omni, in the next few months we will transition from a pre-order model to a build-to-stock distribution model. At the same time, we will update our pricing of the Omni and accessories to better reflect our manufacturing and shipping costs. Those who backed an Omni on Kickstarter or placed a pre-order afterwards will have received an excellent deal! The new pricing of the Omni and accessories will launch on October 10.

GTA V with the Omni

We made a new gameplay video of one of the most popular games with the Omni so far: Grand Theft Auto V. This time, we played the GTA Vive mod, using one Vive controller to track the gun, and a second Vive controller attached to our Omni Harness to track torso orientation in the game, thereby enabling a fully de-coupled experience (i.e., you can look in any direction independently from your walking direction). We will share our game guide on our website with the optimal settings to make this work.

Check out our video below of this mind blowing experience. Such an experience is only possible with the Omni and cannot be replicated sitting down or standing up in a room-scale environment. (Warning: this video contains violence and profanity.)


As always, please join us on our Forums if you’d like to discuss this update or anything VR related:


Best regards,

Jan and the Virtuix Team



  1. Sean 7 years ago Reply

    I placed my pre-order in March 201. I had been almost 2 years already, but I still haven’t get my omni yet. What is the problem, how many more month I still have to wait?

  2. Ann 7 years ago Reply

    I hope the price dont go up or im out. Will then be looking to the cyberith

  3. Ali Kaya 7 years ago Reply

    Hello, I am interested in your products.I want to know about your new products.
    Could youl mail me the price and qualifications of the whole set and the gun.
    Thank you.

  4. beilei CHEN 7 years ago Reply

    When i can receiveD thE package?

  5. ENTER COMMENTI’m a backer and I am committed to purchase another Virtuix.

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    Hi I already purchase Omni and now I need waiting you shipping time hope would be wait too long since the payment for Omni already make, and also I am interested in your products of gun ,I want to know about your new products.
    Could youl mail me the price and qualifications of the whole set and the gun.

  8. Shaun 7 years ago Reply

    i ordered from kickstarter and live in hong kong. can i get it earlier as it closes to where your shipping start….?

  9. Rainer 7 years ago Reply

    I covered your Kickstarter-project more than three years ago. When will ALL Kickstarters get their Omni? Also Kickstarters like me, living in Europe (Germany)?

  10. Liu Qiang 7 years ago Reply

    Hello, I am Chinese users, place an order as early as August 2014 purchase this product, could you tell me the 2017 immediately, I want to ask next, when can I receive the product?

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    Been waiting quite awhile now… can you please let us know more specifically when we will get our order?

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