Reopening trends and data

Reopening trends and data

Now that entertainment venues are reopening, we’re excited to share encouraging data on our industry’s improving health, as captured by Omni Arena systems nationwide. Currently, 12 of 26 Omni Arena locations have reopened the attraction to the public.

Average weekly revenue growth (for venues open 2 weeks or longer)

Since reopening, gameplay sessions each week have increased 120% on average. At most venues, the largest uptick occurs in the second week (194% average increase in gameplay sessions compared to the first week).

% Game sessions compared to pre-C19

At venues that have reopened for three or more weeks, gameplay sessions on Omni Arena have recovered to 95% of pre-lockdown levels.

$ average weekly Omni Arena revenues

Overall, Omni Arena revenues are averaging $2,400 per week, about 70% of pre-lockdown levels.

Adventure Park in Lubbock, Texas, reopened on May 18. Since then, Omni Arena revenues have already returned to pre-Covid levels. Watch an interview below with owner Kai Evans on how they’ve attracted customers to the park in recent weeks and how guests are adapting to the post-Covid environment.

We have not seen hesitation by guests to play virtual reality again. Guests are comfortable as long as you keep everything clean. Omni Arena is doing really well for us. It drives traffic and sales.” – Kai Evans, Owner, Adventure Park Lubbock

Esports contests to resume July 1

Omni Arena’s esports contests, offering a total of $100,000 in cash prizes this year, will resume on July 1. Players in the weekly and monthly contests will compete for $8,000 in prize money each month.

Omni Arena esports contests are an effective way to attract guests and build repeat attendance. In our player survey, completed by more than 8,000 players to date, 43% reported they visited the venue specifically to play Omni Arena.

Special discounts and launch marketing

We’d like to do our part to get our industry moving again. We’re offering significant discounts on Omni Arena systems until the end of summer. We’re also including, free of charge, a launch marketing package worth $3,000 that includes a “grand opening” esports contest with $2,000 in cash prizes and $1,000 in social media ads, exclusively for your venue. We want to help attract guests back to your FEC!

If you’ve considered buying Omni Arena in the past, contact us today for your special pricing. We’d love to work with you.

United we rise

Our industry has suffered a major setback that has hurt businesses and employees alike. Our hearts go out to all of you. Together, we can endure. Let’s help each other and weather this storm together. Onward and upward!

Best regards,
The Virtuix Team