Southern California road trip

Virtuix had a busy two weeks.  We were in Southern California last week, visiting with Worldviz and Oculus.  Andrew Beall and Palmer Luckey are two pioneers of the VR revolution.  And supporters of the Omni!

This week, we had a living room video shoot and demo night showing off our updated prototype and Oculus Rift for the first time. The Omni with Rift is a magical experience.  No more sitting down or pushing buttons.  VR needs a natural interface to move around in VR.  Enter the Omni!

Two 10-year old and 12-year old kids stopped by to experience VR for the first time.  What a blast.  We sure hope we can aid in reducing childhood obesity.

In case you missed it, check out our TF2 demo in the Videos section.  Stay tuned for more Omni + Rift demos and updates!

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  1. Jon Mackie 11 years ago Reply

    I cannot wait for the Kickstarter for this product!

  2. Elias 11 years ago Reply

    Wow… only thing missing once this hits the market is some sort of glove or something that tracks your hand, perhaps even simulating the resistance/feeling of grabbing something and displaying your hand in-game.