These FECs drive repeat play with esports

40% repeat and $30K/month at Andretti

We spoke with Eddie Hamann, Managing Member of Andretti Indoor Karting & Games, to learn how VR and esports are driving repeat play at his venues. After installing Omni Arena at his Orlando location, Hamann ordered a second Omni Arena system for his newest location in Katy, TX.

“Omni Arena is averaging about $7,000 per week,” said Eddie, when asked about revenues. “However, over Christmas we had a week where we did almost $12,000!

Eddie remarked that Omni Arena’s weekly and monthly esports contests, managed entirely by Virtuix, help to drive revenue. “I think it helps a lot,” continued Eddie. “And customers come back and they keep playing and playing. The coolest thing for us is that we don’t need to touch the system. We celebrate the winners, but we don’t have to operate the contests.

70% of Omni Arena players create a user profile that includes first and last name, date of birth, and email address. Each month, these profiles give Andretti a thousand or more new email addresses, ideal for direct-marketing campaigns. Andretti’s marketing team uses the data generated by Omni Arena to attract players to visit and play again.

“We send first-time players a follow-up email reminding them to come back and play it again within the first 30 days,” said Eddie. “We’re having a 35 to 40% return on that, which is fantastic.”

Asked whether these results are unique to Omni Arena, Eddie responded: “It’s unique to Omni Arena, because Omni Arena is the only attraction that collects user profile data.”

“We’re very happy,” concluded Eddie, speaking of his overall experience with Omni Arena. “We haven’t had any maintenance issues with it or any problems whatsoever. I like the product a lot.”

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Not just Andretti

Even venues smaller than Andretti see similar results. Nationwide, 32% of all plays are repeat plays. In a survey filled out by more than 5,000 players, 43% reported they visited the venue specifically to play Omni Arena. This result underscores Omni Arena’s role as a new anchor attraction for FECs.

At Epicenter, an FEC in Santa Rosa, CA, 25 guests have played 5 times or more since December. One guest returned 6 times over Christmas break, bringing new friends each time.

When EVO Entertainment, a movie theater group with 6 locations, organized a grand opening esports contest in early February with $5,000 in prizes, more than 250 guests played in just one weekend, many playing three times or more.

Go-karting operator Full Throttle installed Omni Arena at its two facilities in Cincinnati, OH. “We chose Omni Arena because it offers the most complete package of any VR system,” said Kenton Noran, Full Throttle’s co-owner. “The integrated esports leaderboards result in high repeat play, which is what matters most in the long run.”