TRAVR Omni Game

Virtuix has entered the final days of our Kickstarter campaign. We raised $1,060,000 so far, thanks to more than 3,000 backers. After our Kickstarter, pre-order of the Omni will continue on our website starting at $499. Take advantage of our Kickstarter pricing while you can!

TRAVR Omni Game

Virtuix has made substantial progress in the last few weeks refining our SDK architecture. Our API will provide game developers with analog motion direction (including strafing, backwards walking, jumping), analog walking speed, and foot position.

If we reach our $1.1 million Kickstarter stretch goal, we will develop and deliver to our backers TRAVR, the first (mini) game made specifically for the Omni! TRAVR is a totally immersive, open-source demo and Omni trainer utilizing the Omni SDK for motion control. You will be TRAVR, a futuristic VR adventurer who was been transported to an ancient planet. You must escape this hostile world in a limited time by finding a remote gate and utilizing a range of motion and control tactics. TRAVR combines real-time pressure of an arcade game with the immersion of the Oculus Rift, motion controllers, and the Omni.

TRAVR demonstrates the game dynamics of free move/aim/look with analog player direction and speed when using the Virtuix Omni. This demo will be designed to help developers integrate the Omni into upcoming VR titles using the most dynamic and compelling motion and control modes available today. This mini-game will be a test bed for innovative movement paradigms and will demonstrate coding methodologies. Most importantly, TRAVR will be an immersive and exciting experience for new Omni users.

You can help us reach our stretch goal by becoming an Omni backer. If you are already a backer, consider adding the mini-Omni for $25 (see picture below!). Our Kickstarter page has our most recent news and more detail and screenshots of TRAVR.

dragon_cover17B_darker dragon_cover18B_darker Best mini

Houston Event Videos

We just published the videos of last week’s Houston event. You can see the highlights or watch the entire presentation. We give an in-depth perspective on virtual reality and a live demonstration of the Omni. Our presentation answers a number of questions that we often get on our forums, and the videos are a good way to get to know our team. Enjoy!

Houston Event – highlights:

Houston Event – full version:

Comic-Con 2013

Virtuix is currently in San Diego at NerdHQ just south of Comic-Con 2013 at Petco Park in the NerdHQ Gaming Lounge. Come see the Omni and meet our team. Check out some initial pictures below!

Jan & Cliff Jan & Audience OmniCC

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Thank you all for your continuous support!

Jan and the Virtuix team



  1. Shafad 10 years ago Reply

    This machine is awesome and will be the first too buy it from israel and show of to my friends

    i have one Q and a few Suggestions
    1.) how the gaming expirense will be on mmo games like: world of warcraft (don’t forget that only in israel we have About 2 mil ppl playing the game
    in the vids i saw you play only fps games.

    and my suggestion is that if you make it playable for mmo games
    you can make a weapon for each class
    like for warrior you can make a sword
    paladin hammer and on and on
    same thing as for the fps games

    and second
    for the shoes you can make Special strap with the thing that you have under you special shoes (sorry don’t now how they Called)
    for me i have ordered size of shoes so it’s most of the time a bit of problem for me
    (my shoes size 51 (-; )

    p.s: sorry for the bad english