TRAVR Screenshots

The TRAVR universe is taking shape. Our demo game will showcase the Full VR experience as never seen before, with de-coupled walking / looking and analog running speed. We believe that the ability to walk while looking around independently will introduce a revolutionary gameplay and VR experience that is unmatched in existing games or seated VR. For developers that want to learn more and get early access to our SDK, please contact Robert, our Director of Developer Relations, at robert@virtuix.com.

Virtuix will release more info regarding the TRAVR story in the next few weeks leading up to GDC. Omni customers and developers will get not just one, but two TRAVR game demos: one made in Unity, and one in UDK. The images below are the latest in-game screenshots from both the Unity and UDK demos.

Unity TRAVR demo:







In addition to TRAVR, we are also working on a few non-VR games for the Omni, to be played on a regular TV. That’s right, the Omni can also be a novel controller for a variety of fun third-person games. Imagine Temple Run on the Omni! Can you think of some other fun non-VR games that would be a good fit for the Omni? Join the discussions on our forums.

New Game Demos

We released a few new game demos highlighting all the moves you can do on the Omni: walk, run, jump, strafe, step backwards, and even sit… all in 360 degrees. See Steve play Battlefield 4 and Far Cry 3:

Battlefield 4:

Far Cry 3:

We also re-taped our initial non-game demo that simply demonstrates all Omni moves:

Let us know what games you want to see next!

Virtuix also held our first online multiplayer Omni battle last month. Colton and Steve played Call Of Duty: Ghosts live online against Omni backers. We will certainly do this again, so keep an eye out for announcements on our Facebook page.

CES 2014 Roundup and Upcoming Events

We showed our integrated tracking solution for the first time at CES this year and impressed the attending audience and press. The Washington Post cites that we have“tapped the potential for something truly transformative “. TechRadar calls the Omni theUltimate Virtual Reality Simulator and points out that “The machine itself isn’t as big as I thought it would be – plus it’s much quieter than a real treadmill.” And The Verge calls the Omni “Incredibly immersive”.

We enjoyed additional coverage from CNBC’s Squawk On The Street and Discovery Channel’s Tech Toys 360. 

Our next events are LAUNCH in San Francisco on February 24-26, SXSW on March 7-9 in Austin (we ‘ll be at the Gaming Expo), and GDC on March 19-21 in San Francisco. We hope to see you there!

Sound Measuring  

Over the last six months we received quite a few questions regarding the noise level of the Omni. Those who have seen the Omni live know that it’s not a loud device, but we wanted to give you some official data. Colton went ahead and measured the sound of the Omni in action. The result? Running on the Omni creates a sound level of 70-75 decibel. For comparison, a regular running treadmill produces around 75-80 decibel.


For immediate updates and discussion, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Our Facebook page exceeded 11,000 likes this past week!

Thank you all for your continuing support. We have an exciting road ahead of us, and we continue to work relentlessly until each and everyone of you has received an Omni and can enjoy the Full VR experience.

Best regards,

Jan and the (now 20-people) Virtuix team