Virtuix Completes Kickstarter Fulfillment, Starts Shipping To Pre-Order Customers

by Kevin Carbotte | AUGUST 01, 2017

Virtuix announced that it finished shipping Omni units to Kickstarter backers and is now delivering its treadmills to U.S. pre-order customers.

In 2013, Virtuix founder and CEO Jan Goetgeluk took to Kickstarter to help fund the creation of his new invention: an omnidirectional treadmill for VR gaming that he called the Omni. To get the project off the ground, Virtuix needed $150,000. By the end of the campaign, the company managed to raise $1.1 million. And thus began the arduous task of building and delivering more than 3,200 Omni treadmills. Then, as if that weren’t big enough a task, Virtuix started accepting pre-orders for the Omni in August 2013.

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