Virtuix Proved That The Omni Vr Treadmill Is the Real Deal

By Kevin Carbotte | JANUARY 22, 2016

One of the products that we were most interested in testing out at CES this year was the Virtuix Omni. Weeks before the show, the CEO of the company, Jan Goetgeluk, informed us there will be an active VR event at CES 2016. Virtuix was going to be hosting the first ever Active VR eSports tournament, complete with live shoutcasters, at the Virtuix Omni booth at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

In addition to the competitive match, there would be an Omni for us to try. Naturally, we relished the idea. Our News Director, Seth Colaner, and I were extremely excited to get a chance to try the company’s omni-directional treadmill.

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