HTC and HP to sponsor Omniverse ESPORTS™

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Happy New Year and best wishes for 2019!

VR ARENA Video and Press

We predict that Virtuix’s successful launch of VR ARENA, our multiplayer esports attraction, will make 2019 a record year. VR ARENA was one of the big hits at the IAAPA Attractions Expo in November, and our team came home with a big book of orders. Forbes included VR ARENA as a top product in their IAAPA roundup: read the article here.

We completed a promotional video of VR ARENA with footage from our presence at IAAPA. Check it out below:

For more information about Omniverse VR ARENA, click here.

HTC and HP to Sponsor Omniverse ESPORTS™

We are thrilled to announce that HTC and HP will both become official sponsors of our 2019 Omniverse ESPORTS™ tournament series. HTC will provide a complete HTC Vive VR system to the winning team each month. HP will provide an Omen Mindframe headset. These prizes are in addition to the $50,000 worth of cash prizes we already announced for 2019.

Our announcement below lists the first three contest dates. At the end of 2019, we will host a world championship tournament in which the best teams of 2019 in each game will compete for the title of Omni World Champions.

One team is off to a strong start. Spartan24 and JustJared0 won our prior two contests. Read their story in a local newspaper here, including how they practiced as a team for weeks before each contest and strategized on their winning approach.

Our next Omniverse ESPORTS™ tournament takes place on January 24-27 and features two-player teams battling for the highest score in our popular first-person shooter game Omni Arena (“Core Defense – Coliseum” cooperative mode). It will be our first global tournament, featuring participating locations in 13 countries on 4 continents.

Omni operators can sign up here to participate in contests and learn about running them here.

Interested players can find more information and create a player account here.

Virtuix Selected for Foundations Entertainment University

We are honored to announce that Foundations Entertainment University has selected Virtuix as the exclusive sponsor of the virtual reality category. Foundations University, now in its 17th year, is the amusement industry’s premier educational seminar program covering all aspects of building and operating a location-based entertainment business. We earned our selection thanks to the impressive showing of VR ARENA at IAAPA in November.

See an interview below by Frank Seninsky, head of Foundations University, who was impressed by VR ARENA’s small footprint, its attractive visual design, and its ability to stimulate repeat play with global leaderboards and ongoing prize contests.

Foundations University’s next educational seminar takes place on January 17, 2019 at the EAG International Expo in London, UK. For more information and to register, click here.

New Distributor for Hong Kong & Macau

We have signed a distribution agreement with Felton Distribution, the leading provider of computer equipment in the Hong Kong and Macau regions. Felton has more than 20 years of experience serving the commercial IT market, and we are excited to welcome them to the Omni family. If you are located in Hong Kong or Macau and would like to purchase an Omni for professional development purposes, contact the Felton team at sales-fd@felton.com.hk.

Felton took the Omni to the Learning and Teaching Expo 2019, which took place in Hong Kong on December 11-13. See a picture of the show below:

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