World War Toons playable with the Omni

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Production Update

Our pilot production run is in full swing and Omnis roll off our production line each day:


The pilot run units will be shipped first to our headquarters in Austin for inspection, and then forwarded to our earliest Kickstarter backers and a few partners. From this point forward, we will continue our manufacturing and steadily increase production throughput, with the first full containers of Omni units to be shipped directly to customers in August. We will provide a more detailed production plan in our next update at the end of this month. See the Virtuix Omni Package

World War Toons with the Omni!

We are excited to announce that Reload Studios’ flagship VR first-person shooter World War Toons is now playable on the Omni. Reload Studios integrated our Omni Software Development Kit (“SDK”) in the game for fun Active VR gameplay. We are currently showing World War Toons played with the Omni together with Reload at the Taobao festival in Shanghai from 7/21 until 7/24.



World War Toons is one of the premier games in development for VR and the first FPS from a major VR studio. Reload Studios was founded by former Call of Duty developers and has raised more than $6MM from investors including Rothenberg Ventures and World Innovation Lab. Our team had a blast playing World War Toons in our office, and the game is one of the best VR experiences we’ve had with the Omni so far. Check out our gameplay video below:


A major title like World War Toons integrating the Omni SDK into its design to support natural locomotion in VR is a big endorsement for the Omni motion platform. Here’s a quote from James Chung, CEO of Reload Studios:

“Playing World War Toons with the Omni is a ton of fun. First-person shooters in VR really come to life with a motion platform like the Omni. We’re excited to work with Virtuix to support Active VR with natural locomotion for our flagship title.”

Gamers dream of playing first-person shooters in VR, but are currently hamstrung by motion sickness challenges and room-scale space constraints, which have forced the adoption of unnatural navigation schemes like teleportation that inherently break immersion and gameplay. The Omni solves these challenges and demonstrates that first-person shooters are not only possible in VR, but they are an absolute blast. World War Toons is an incredible VR title that has the courage to avoid comfort modes like teleportation. We are excited to work with the talented Reload team to integrate the Omni in World War Toons.

Reload Studios is the first but not the only major studio working on Omni integration. So far, a total of seven studios are actively working with our SDK to provide native Omni gameplay support, and we expect to announce more great titles in the future. We have SDKs available for both Unity3D and Unreal Engine 4.

Vivecraft and Star Wars played with the Omni

The Omni does not rely solely on third-party game integration. Many existing and new games work out-of-the-box with the Omni without the need for any developer tweaks. See our video below of Minecraft played with the Omni and the HTC Vive (dubbed “Vivecraft”):


Our Kickstarter backer and community manager SutekiB had a ton of fun playing Raven Software’s classic legacy games “Star Wars: Jedi Outcast” and “Star Wars: Jedi Academy” with the Omni:


Final Week to Invest!

Our Series A round is entering its final week and will close on July 31. So far we have raised more than $6.6 million from two major strategic investors, various venture capital funds, and more than 1,500 private investors. This is a tremendous success for Virtuix that makes us one of the largest Regulation A rounds to be completed to date!

Interested investors can complete their investment by July 31 to secure a spot in this round via our SeedInvest page:


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